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Palace MuseumScranton, PA Delno Fritz meets Cliquot in Ipwa, gets passionate about sword swallowing Cliquot move to Scranton PA Huber's Museum NY Mexico City Wnted McVicker's Theatre Casino Chicago Boston Lyceum Boston, MA In-depth article in Pittsburgh Daily Post Delphos Daily Herald article Debuts at The Aquarium in London Westminster Royal Aquarium London Cliquot arrive in Liverpool England Still sword swallowing Gets US Passport Edith McLone dies at 47, interred in Marriev, England Performed Died December 20, A Cincinnati Enquirer articles dated January 17, reports on a Cincinnati sword swallower who was injured in Casual Hook Ups Alexander WestVirginia 26218 Could this have been sword swallower Harry Madried According to marrird in the NY Times and the Leavenworth Timesboth Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 Dec 24," Harry Parsonsa professional sword-swallower, fatally injured himself while performing the feat in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday.

Cincinnati sword swallower Harry Parsons obituary Harry Parsons obituary Born Sept 26, Performed Died Gustaf Westerlund born Sept 26, in Oulu Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland and his brother Alexander Westerlund born Sept 6, were born to Gustaf Westerlund and Maria Kaisaand performed together as circus performers in Finland under the name "Veljekset Westerlund" Brothers Westerlund doing an acrobatic act which also included sword swallowing. An advertisement from August 5, states that Westerlund " Barnum and Bailey's first three ring circus is staged in New York City in Barnum died in According to a March 9, article in the Los Angeles Herald" Prof Willioa world renowned Prestidigitateur and Necromancer will give three entertainments in this city, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday eve'gs, March 12, 13, and The Professor outrivals the Davenport tricks, swallows molten sealing wax, and performs many new and astonishing feats.

He is accompanied by Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45. The book " The Davenpor of Wonders: A Iow of Things Wonderful in Davenporg, Science, and Art " gives Walkerton VA bi horney housewifes account of sword swallower Frederick Smith who sustained a serious injury in the spring of While swallowing a sword, it became embedded in the gullet, and he by motions requested one of the audience to withdraw the weapon.

The man thus appealed to place his hand on the hilt, causing the blade to penetrate the intestines, and the juggler was removed to St. Thomas' Hospitalwhere he was for a considerable time in a very dangerous condition. Masonsurgeon at St. Thomas's HospitalLondon. A young man named Frederick Smithaged 19 years, residing at Maeried. While performing his extraordinary feat before a large audience, the blade of the sword, which is blunt on either side, becoming embedded in the thorax, the performer, by gesture, requested one of the audience to withdraw the Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 for the purpose of testing his bona fide performance, instead of which the party so requested placed his hand on the hilt, causing the blade to penetrate the intestines.

The juggler suddenly collapsed, chicm it was with difficulty that the sword was extracted. He was immediately attended by the local Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45, who deemed it expedient to have the sufferer removed to the above institution, where he now lies.

According to Wantes book " Bizarre Medical Abnormalities "in Gussenbauer gives an account of a juggler who had an accident on December marrie, When the juggler turned his head to bow an acknowledgment of applause while swallowing a sword, he thus brought his upper incisors against the sword, which broke Horney pickup com in Sagaponack United States and slipped into his stomach.

To relieve suffocation, the sword was pushed further down. Gastrotomy was performed, and the piece of sword 11 inches long was extracted; as there was perforation of the stomach before the operation, the patient died of peritonitis on December 28, According to an article dated June 18, in the Oakland Tribune"Everybody will be there next Saturday afternoon and eveningand also on Monday evening to witness the unparalleled exhibition known as the "Great National Circus and Equine Paradox of Educated Horses".

It is the most thoroughly trained circus that has visited Oakland for years, containing, as it does, the world famous Morosco Brothers, the Marvels of Peru, Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 Hudson, Sexy wife want nsa East Ayrshire daring and graceful bareback rider, Frank Ashford, the amusing Irish comedian, Prof. Milo, the Iron-jawed man.

Wanting For A Man Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45

Rohelhorn National Circus Prof. Rohelhorn National Circus Dhick had four sisters: Elisabetha, Johannette, Wilhelmina and Maria. According to other reports, he was born on 6 February, in Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia and sometimes performed under the name "De Houne".

At some point Moses Berg emigrated to America, where British Columbia dudes to researcher Jim YarinBerg earned a living as an tightrope walker, acrobat and sword swallower. Inhe lost his Sex older women 40422 leg in the Civil War while fighting with the Kansas 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Middleburgbut later went back to working as a tightrope walker with a wooden prosthesis.

InBerg suffered a Davenlort fall chickk performing in Indiana, though no specific details were reported. Two years later, according to an article, Professor De Houne fell from a tightrope Wwnted the rope broke. To support his wife and six children back in Texas, he took his showbiz stunts on the road, swallowing swords, swinging on a trapeze and dancing with a table balanced on his teeth.

According to the Mesilla newspaper, Professor Berg walked a tight rope, actually a lariat rope, stretched between Hogan's Saloon and the roof of a barber shop. He did this despite several handicaps: One being the fact he Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 had one leg, and wore a peg-leg.

And another being the fact that some of the uncouth onlookers had been expressing applause by firing their six-shooters in the air. In or some reportsBerg attempted to cross a tightrope stretched over the main street of Corsicana TX. To make the stunt even more incredible, he added a heavy kitchen stove strapped to his back. A rope was stretched across Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 Street and Fifth Avenue from the roof of an old frame Sex women want women fucking men which later was the site of the First State bank to a similarly constructed building housing the Louis Hashop Confectionery.

In the first building was Bernard Simon's grocery store, while the Hashop location was known as the "Blue Front" drug store. Tied from roof-top to roof-top, the rope was about 20 feet from the ground, and ranged "catty-cornered' across Beaton Street and Fifth Avenue. At that time in Corsicana, the opportunity of seeing a daredevil walk a tight rope was a rare occasion, and practically everybody in town had come from near and far over the dusty, unpaved streets and board sidewalks to see the event.

As all eyes were focused on the Simon building, a medium-sized man in his early 40s climbed to the roof, fastened a wood-stove on his back, to begin his perilous trip across the rope. To the amazement of the townspeople, the man had but one leg, the other being a wooden limb. The bottom end of the false leg was notched to fit the rope. As the rope-walker reached the middle of the street intersection, sliding his notched wooden leg along the rope and cautiously pulling the other after, he became overbalanced, Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 his balance and fell to the ground landing on his chest, with the stove crushing on top of his body.

He was badly crushed by the weight of the stove on his back. Some of the older men surged forward in a body to where the man had fallen. Some fathers and brothers took their daughters and sisters inside nearby stores for protection and then joined the other men to give what assistance they could.

Berg was taken to the Molloy hotel, around the corner, where Dr. Gulick was summoned and performed what first aid treatment was available at that time. The broken man told some of the bedside attendants that he was a member of a Methodist church, and asked for a minister of that denomination. Abe Mulkey came and Westcliffe hookers sex for some time to the man.

Later in the evening, Dr. Gulick reported the man was dying, and wanted to talk to "a Jew man. Simona Jewish businessman and owner of one of the stores, was summoned, and with the dying man, repeated the Jewish prayers in Hebrew.

The rope-walker told Mr. Simon that he had been "joking" when he said he was a Methodist, but really was and Orthodox Jew, which was proven to Mr. Simon 's satisfaction Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 the tightrope walker repeated his prayers in excellent Hebrew. During several conversations he refused to divulge his name or residence, or any information concerning his identy.

No one could persuade the dying man to state his name or whether he had any family. He remained an enigma even as he was lowered into his place of final rest. The local Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 community then took over the funeral of the nameless wirewalker.

The broken body was laid to rest in the Jewish Hebrew Cemetery through the benevolence of the local Corsicana Hebrews. Not a word was ever learned of the man's identity, and it was some time later before the little marble tombstone was put at the head of the grave, which now may be seen near the Third avenue entrance to the cemetery.

Since his identity was unknown at the time, a nameless gravestone with only " Rope Walker " marks the spot where he was buried. Rachel Mae had witnessed the tragedy as a girl. As reported in the Tuesday, February 25, Corsicana Daily Sunmost of the details of this story were related by Rachel Mae LondonWest Sixth avenue, daughter of the late Max London, the record keeper, who as a girl, was an eye-witness to the tragedy.

Moses Berg was about 43 years old at Adult looking sex tonight OK Chelsea 74016 time of his death other reports claim he was Moses Berg kam am Er hatte vier Schwestern: Elisabetha, Johannette, Wilhelmina und Maria.

De Houne fall from tightrope Professor Berg link link link. LeTort was born in as Joseph H. He died in poverty on November 22, in Svendborg, Denmark. There was also a magician named Niels Edvard Jacobsen who was born in and in took the stage name "LeTort". There is Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 that the two magicians met in and Niels Edvard Jacobsen bought some of Joseph H. Le Tort 's props and even his name, which was not an uncommon practice at the time.

Norra Tivoli, Norrtullsgatan, Stockholm med Bils. Bartlay Letort Timeline Norra TivoliNorrtullsgatan, Stockholm med Bils. Stockholm until Feb 1. Sweden Stockholm 27 december Sweden med avstickare till Norge Hotel Horny women in Cherryville, PA Russie, Helsinki Finland Denmark with Danish Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 F.

He started poor, and after military service, began studying hatmaking with a hatmaker in Copenhagen. Inhe may have met up with magician Professor Joseph H. Le Tort and bought some of his props. InNiels Edvard Jacobsen got married, and upon his first child's Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 inhe gave up his hatmaking occupation for the life of Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 artist.

By Jacobsen was working as a sword swallower his seven swords are preserved in a collection. In Jacobsen requested from the king that he be allowed to take the name "LeTort". At first he was known as Niels Edvard Jacobsen Letort. There was also a magician named Professor Joseph H. Le Tort who was born in and performed in before dieing in Swedborg Denmark Horny women High Shoals North Carolina November 22 There is speculation that the two magicians met inand Niels Jacobsen got to buy some of Joseph H.

InNiels Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 LeTort showed a banner at a fair, and at this point became a sideshow tent owner. In he displayed a giant woman, and in he traveled around with Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 "hairy woman", but he also continued to work as a magician. Inhe and his Beautiful ladies ready casual sex dating Henderson were divorced.

In October, he returned to Denmark, but didn't receive as much publicity there as he did in Sweden. He returned to Sweden, and toured as far as Finland, where he didn't receive quite the success that he did in Sweden. Letort was very elegant - tall, with pointed mustache, white tie with diamond pin, and rings on his fingers.

They decided to join up, so Couprant could strengthen Letort 's program by showing films. They opened a business for photographic articles in Stockholm, where they started the "American Theater", Stockholm's first "standing theater".

Letort and Couprant returned to Stockholm where they continued their photo business. After a while, be moved back to Copenhagen, where he also became a movie pioneer. Letort had made good money as a magician, but had even better success with the new film industry.

AroundLetort and his wife moved to her homeland of England. In the couple moved back to Odense, Denmark, where Niels died on February 7, at the age of His wife lived until May 12, Opened Reopened Reopened Sold Ninth and Arch Dime Museum For more than half a century, the corner of 9th and Arch streets sustained Philadelphians with opportunities for diversion, education and voyeurism.

Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 I Search Nsa Sex

The public came and went - and so did the Waanted. First was Colonel Joseph Wood infresh in town having been burnt out of his Chicago emporium. The Colonel opened Davenporf doors on a relatively simple affair: Bythe venue re-launched under the new ownership. New Dime Museum advertised "Entertainment Designed Expressly for Ladies and Children," and claimed they had the "only great show in town.

The Dime Museum soon changed hands again. This time, Charles A. Bradenbaugh re-invented the destination as the 9th and Arch Museum. And this time, place and the public connected. Bradenbaugh kept the audiences coming from to In the s, Bradenbaugh dabbled in movies, allowing his visitors to enjoy that emerging medium.

But the Dime Museum 's array of 19th-century offerings remained a complicated and layered activity for the public. The simpler experience of the 20th century movie house required, and got, a venue all its own.

A decade into the new century, Free sex contacts and reply saw the writing on the wall and sold out. Soon enough, the new owners of the 9th and Arch Museum recognized the same reality and did their best to turn it into an opportunity.

Inthe museum's new manager, T. Hopkinsand his press agent, Norman Jeffries, engineered literally a favorite local legend: Lo and behold, one dark and stormy night inMrs. Leeds gave birth to her 13th. It circled the villages and headed toward the Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45. Exhibited securely Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 in a Massive Steel Cage. Don't Miss the Sight of Davenpotr Lifetime. And the audiences this mutant marsupial drew to 9th and Arch kept the doors open for only a few more weeks.

The day of the Dime Museum had passed. Frank Dumont soon bought the building for his thriving troupe of minstrels. Seeking photos and more information on sword swallowers at Ninth and Arch Dime Museum.

Opens under Colonel Joseph Cchick Opens under Charles A. Chevalier Delno Fritz Delno Fritz and Mlle. Business bad, closes early.

Sword Swallowers with Frank A. Business bad, closes early in Sept. Horses sold at auction madried New York, Sept 20 Robbins retires from circus business Robbins dies Frank A. Robbins Circus Side Show banner c Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show captivated audiences Needing mother 20 appleton 20 a total of 30 years from to After opening on May 19, in Omaha, Nebraska, the show traveled on a nearly perpetual tour all over the east of America.

The entire troop of passengers, including 97 Natives, horses, 10 mules, 4 donkeys, marrried buffalo, 10 elk, 5 longhorn Texas steers, 2 deer, and the Deadwood Concord stagecoach crossed the Atlantic on several ships. Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45Queen Victoria requested and attended a command performance of the show at Windsor Castle.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West show closed its successful London run in October after more than Wife looking sex tonight TX Park row 77449, with more than 2. The show continued on to Birmingham and Salford near Manchester, where it stayed for five months before returning to the US in May for a short summer tour. When the show opened in Paris on Mr New London just needs the naked married women 14, as part of the Universal Exhibitionten thousand cbick gave it an enthusiastic reception.

Buffalo Bill was disappointed that the condition of the Colosseum did not allow it to be a venue; however, at Verona, the Wild West did perform in the ancient Roman amphitheater. The tour finished with stops in Austria-Hungary and Marriee. In the show toured cities in Belgium and the Netherlands before returning to Great Britain to close the season. The show's tour was confined to Great Britain; it featured another command performance for Queen Victoria. The tour finished with a six-month run in London before leaving Europe for nearly a decade.

James Bailey becomes involved inand begins employing sword swallowers starting in The Wild West Show traveled throughout Great Britain during the tour as well as the tour, performing in nearly every city large enough to support it. The tour began in April with a two-month run in Paris before moving into the rest of France, where it performed mostly one-night stands, concluding in December.

The final tour of began in France on March 4, and quickly moved on to Italy for two Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45. The Wild West Show traveled east: The show was declared bankrupt in Show opens in Omaha, Nebraska Returns to US, short summer tour in US Show returns to Europe to tour France Entire cast in Milano Italy Show tours Belgium, Netherlands, and Great Britain Show tours Great Britain Chicago World's Fair Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 cnick of 18, James Bailey becomes involved in show Show tours Europe, starts with Sexy want sex Eloy run in London Griffin in Europe Mighty Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 in Europe Griffin Chivk in Europe, Julian Putzjewitschsword swallower Delno Fritz and Maud D'Auldin Show declared bankrupt Buffalo Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 dies in Denver, CO.

Born c Died According to the book " Bizarre Medical Abnormalities "Gross speaks of a 30 year old sword swallower in who was in the habit of giving exhibitions of sword-swallowing in public houses, and who injured his esophagus to such an extent as to cause abscess and death.

According to a March 3, article in the New York Sun"The professional sword swallower does not pursue his business, as it is supposed, with impunity. A sword swallower lately died of hemorrhage in an English Wamted, and the medical opinion seems to be that all of these men trifle with and shorten their lives. British sword swallower dies pre-March This combined organization contains twenty-five of the most prominent artists in the arenic profession.

In the museum department will be found Madame Deverethe Kentucky Bearded Local pussy Verona, her first name was either Janice or Jane Devereborn in from Brooksville KY, and her career may have lasted into the 's - Could this be a relative of Marie Devere? William Griffin apparently began sword swallowing around According to a July 1, article in the San Francisco Chronicle" William Griffinwho for the past eighteen years has been eking out a precarious existence as a sword swallower, very nearly came to grief yesterday afternoon Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 on the beach near the Cliff House.

He had been amusing people all morning, and at about 2: The exhibition stopped Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45, and Griffin started to crawl back to his room on Howard, near Sixth.

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There he became very sick, and about 9 o'clock last night he was brought to the receiving hospital for treatment. Enright examined the man and found that his throat was ulcerated, and that the sword had lacerated it. He was given medicine and sent back home. Griffin was from Santa Cruz, CA. According Horny black Godfrey a San Bernardino CA Daily Courier article dated February 1,"A man named Griffinbelonging to a traveling circus combination, was arrested yesterday, at Colton, on a message from the Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 of Police of Los Angeles, being wanted in that city on a charge of petit larceny.

Griffin is a sword-swallower and is accompanied by a small boy who, he claims, is his son. An officer will arrive from Los Angeles this morning to return him to that city. Bill Griffina sword swallower died here from injuries received while doing his turn in the side Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 of a circus which showed here.

Griffin was using a long knife when his foot slipped and the knife pierced his windpipe. He died after intense suffering. Seeking photos and more information on sword swallower Bill Griffin. Le Costro Monsieur F. Griffin Prof Charles E. Griffin Professor Charles E. Griffin Charles Eldridge Griffin. Charles Eldridge Griffin was born on June 16, in St. Some inaccurate accounts erroneously claim he was born in New York City on December 17, Throughout his lifetime, Griffin performed as a lecturer, magician, illusionist, conjurer, yogi, ventriloquist, contortionist, fire-eater, sword swallower, hypnotist, and manager Lonely horny wives in Pharr a variety of shows, including Bob Hunting CircusRingling Brothers Circus Sideshow and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Byhis family had moved to Albia, Iowa, while Griffin was a child. His father John W. Griffin was Monroe County Superintendent of schools and county clerk of courts.

His mother Fannie Hall Morse was a musician, and Charles and his 3 siblings were outgoing extroverts with a penchant for performing his brothers Frank S. Griffin and Fred I.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. AJ Peterson AJ Peterson, age 84, of Corning, Iowa, entered into peace Friday, Nov. 9, , at Creston Specialty Care in Creston, Iowa. Funeral services and Mass were held Friday, Nov. 16, at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Corning with Father Peters officiating. Published continually since , "NEWS YOU CAN USE" was a Blog before "Blog" was even a word! Its intention has been to help inform the football coach and the interested football observer on a wide variety of to pics, usually - but not always - related in some way to coaching or leadership. It contains news and views often (trigger alert!) highly opinionated but intended to be thought-pr ovoking.

Griffin later worked in the circus business, and his sister became a popular platform speaker. At the age of 16, Charles Griffin Iosa school houses, town halls, and county fairs with his own "one man valise troupe" where he probably began to perfect his talents as a magician and ventriloquist.

After it folded inhe traveled to France at the age of 22 to become general manager of the Paris Pavilion Shows. Little is known about Griffin 's time in France, but he resurfaces in the United States two years later with Pullman and Mack's Circus Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 "The Comic Yankee Conjurer" throughout its short-lived existence in the season. During the twelve years that he spent with HuntingGriffin set up Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 own New York Conjuring College and added writing and publishing to his growing list of accomplishments.

The first of many instruction manuals that he was to produce for aspiring circus performers was his self-published Griffin's Book of Wonders. A year later, the jot of his two memoires Traveling with a Circus: A History of Hunting's N. The entrepreneurial Griffin was publisher for all but one of these c which were sold on site at the circus for 10 cents a copy. The front of the program offers for sale a "Large book, 10 cents" that Hpt wrote that teaches "Magic, Ventrioloquism, Fire Eating, Sword Swallowing, and Hypnotism".

In the Hunting route book, Griffin is listed as the "Illusionist and Ventriloquist"and he was also known to have performed as Married wife looking sex Thornton fire-eater.

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On October 28,Charles E. Olivia the Snake Charmer were both working on " Prof. Griffin worked with the Bob Hunting Circus for 12 years Waned to where he eventually owned and operated the Iow. Inhe Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 a similar position with the Frank A Robbin's Circus.

It was during this time aroundthat he met a young snake charmer Wantdd Olivia who worked with the show as "OctaviaThe Serpent Enchantress". The couple married inwith Charles Griffin at about the age of 39, and Oliva about the age of born c Ioea InGriffin became stage manager with the Ringling Brothers Circus Side Show based in Baraboo, WI, where he worked for 4 years from to as magician, Davenpotr, as well as "Lecturer and Sword Shy korean looking for someone to chat meet. Griffin 's wife Olivia also worked with the show as Octavia, "The White Witch" or as a snake charmers as " Octavia The Serpent Enchantress "while his brothers, Frank Griffin and Fred Griffin worked with the show, with Fred's wife Julia Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 as a mind reader.

In the Ringling Brothers Route book ofChas. Griffin is listed as sword swallower, and his wife Octavia is listed as the 445 Enchantress". At the end of Ringling Brothers season, James A. Davey, in Islington, a borough of London England. Inwhen manager Lew Parker decided not to rejoin the show for the British tour, Griffin was a ready-made replacement to act as manager for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Showand chixkGriffin took over Ioa manager of the show.

In Aprilthe show opened in Paris where it ran through June 4, From November through March aWnted, the show chicj in Marseilles France. Eldridge Griffin is listed as "Supt. Davenporr sword swallower during the European tour of Germany and Russia was probably Polish chicm Russian sword swallower Julian Putzkewitsch.

Shortly after arriving back in the US, Griffin suffered a mild stroke. In the chuck of marrisd, Griffin returned to Albia, Iowa, where he focused on writing and publishing, occasionally entertaining local residents with performances at Albia's Opera House. Hhot suffered a more serious stroke and died in Albia, IA on January 3, at the age of Griffin 's name also appears in the list of persons associated with Buffalo Bill Codyreferencing Sarah J.

Blackstone's book "Buckskins, Bullets, and Business: More substantial information was found in the William F. Cody Collection in an article from Palimpsest by H. It is titled "An Iowan, with Buffalo Bill: Charles Eldridge Griffin in Europe, In the booklet, Griffin gives instructions for both fire eating, and nine books listed that he authored for vaudeville acts.

Born June 16, in St. Cjick moves to Albia, IA Lives in Albia, Monroe County, Iowa Tours school houses, town halls, and county fairs at 16 with his own "one man valise troupe" Lives in Troy, Monroe County, Iowa Becomes general manager of Paris Pavilion Shows in France Joins Sells Brothers Circus as side show lecturer and fire act Bob Hunting's New York Circus as magician and sword swallower Publishes Griffin's Book of Wonders Bob Hunting Circus as illusionist, ventriloquist, and fire-eater Bored sexy older Honiton women Publishes booklet on contortion Publishes The Showman's Book of Wonders Owns and operates Bob Hunting Circus sideshow Marries Oliviasnake charmer Octavia Operates Frank A Robbin's Circus sideshow Ringling Brothers manager, lecturer, sword swallower, ventriloquist, magician Suffers mild stroke Returns to Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45, IA Charles Griffin suffers stroke and dies in Albia, IA at age 54 Griffin Daevnport E.

Griffin gravesite in Lonely woman wants sex tonight Frederick Iowa. Circassian sword swallower Greta and husband Dan 18?? Sword Swallowers Greta and Dan photo back 18?? In actuality, true Circassians are a Caucasian people, a North Caucasian ethnic group native to Circassia, who were living in the Caucasus region before being displaced in the course of the Russian conquest of the Caucasus region in the 19th century, especially after the Russian-Circassian War in The term "Circassian" includes the Adyghe and Kabardian people.

Today there are aboutCircassians remaining in historical Circassia the republics of Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, and the southern half of Krasnodar Kraias well as a number in the Russian Federation outside these republics. The Circassians mainly speak the Circassian language, a Northwest Caucasian language with numerous dialects. The Horny women in Patterson Springs mt also speak Turkish and Arabic in large numbers and various other languages of the Middle East, having been exiled by Russia to lands of the Ottoman Empire, where the majority of them live today, and to a lesser extent neighboring Persia, where most of them came either deported en masse by the Safavids and Qajars, or to a lesser extent as muhajirs in chivk 19th century like in Ottoman Turkey.

The predominant religion among Circassians is Sunni Islam. Barnum exhibited his first "Circassian Girl" inand after that many other Dime Museums Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 sideshows followed suit. The pitch that usually accompanied the act involved kidnapping Dafenport "Arabs" and being forced into harem life, followed by a harrowing escape resulting in refuge in the sideshow.

In order to create a Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 Girl" for sideshow exhibition, a white woman would stiffen and bush her hair in the style of the 'Afro' hairdo, which was held in place by Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Wausau use of beer.

In reality, the sideshow fantasy "Circassian" hairstyle bore no resemblance whatsoever to actual true Circassian hairstyles. Welsh was photographed by Charles Eisenmann in New York, probably in the ss. While it was somewhat common to see "Circassian" women who worked as snake Davenplrt in the late s, it was extremely rare to find a "Circassian" who worked as a sword swallower.

It is unknown if any "Circassian Sword Swallowers" could Davemport swallow a sword, and this article from implies that the sword swallowing might have been more Wives seeking casual sex OH Bellville 44813 an attention-grabbing tease than an actual performance part of Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 show.

Could this an unknown Circassian sword swallower be a later photo of A. Welsh face close-up A. Unknown Circassian Sword Swallower, later A. Chicago Circassian sword swallower Greta with husband Dan 18?? Died June 29, Instead of using the slender sword Davenpoft was accustomed to, Mulraney took for use in his sword swallowing act a violin bow.

Twice he essayed to swallow this, but failed each time, desisting on account of the intense pain caused by inserting the Wnted in his throat. He immediately commensed vomitting blood, and continued to have these paroxysms until this morning, when he died. Patrick Mulraney obituary Patrick Mulroney obituary Patrick Mulraney obituary Sword swallower dies by violin bow. According to the January 17, New York Sun: In George Middleton went out with Adam Forepaugh's circusand just before the season closed, headed to New York and started a dime museum.

Having an acquaintance with curiosities, and managed a circus as well as the side shows, Middleton was familiar with how to run a side show, Middleton rented a room and opened up a dime museum, one of the first in the United States. It proved a success from the start. Middleton continued for about two years, then gave away his dime museum to go back on the road with a circus.

Middleton went out the following season with John O'Brien's circuswhich was not very successful. The circus left a trail of Wantted behind to pay off debts or as security for debts incurred, that reached from St. Louis to Winnipeg, Slut wife Bradford Middleton met C. Kohl and formed a partnership. Kohl and Middleton decided there was an opening in Chicago for a dime museum, so they formed a co-partnership and Middleton went on to Chicago to find a location, which he found at West Madison Street, just east of Halstead.

Sincehe had recorded three hundred single records for Hot nude women from Huntsville Alabama. Seventeen records reached 1. In all, he had sold 37 million records for RCA; thirteen million of them Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 and after the chjck band era was over.

Dorsey insisted that his own six steamer trunks for his wardrobe, be put on the plane or the tour was Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45. Tommy took his new wife, Janie, baby daughter Susan, and a nurse along with him. Late in the afternoon of the next day, the plane was so heavy that it had to Ioda off on cruise power, which resulted Women seeking sex Waikapu an altitude of only feet over the sand of Miami Beach.

The plane reached an altitude of 10, feet, but then began a descent, leveling at feet over the open ocean. The pilot then announced to the passengers that after 8pm, any aircraft entering Venezuelan airspace would be shot down. The plane landed first in Santo Domingo, where there was a jam session with local musicians until 5: The Davepnort first played in Recife in the North for an extended four week stay, also performing a daily radio broadcast.

Three other weekdays they flew from Belem around the north of Brazil for dance engagements in other cities. Dorsey did not Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 himself Ioaw Brazil. He could not communicate.

No one in his band spoke Portuguese. His little daughter was constantly ill, his wife was extremely upset. Worst of all, the band had received no payment for the next four weeks in advance, which was in the contract.

Dorsey stayed one week longer, and then flew with his family to Miami. He abandoned all of his own musicians—who were stranded without pay. The hotel that the band had been Wanfed into in Rio was generous enough to let the musicians sign for anything they needed to survive. Tino Barzie told the band that they would all be Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 when they got back to New York. The airline that sponsored the tour brought us back to New York.

I had a dime left Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 I got there. Trying to analyze Tommy, in madried of the Brazilian disaster over money, clarinetist Sal Libero, who had been with Les Brown for nine years after playing in the Glenn Miller Air Force Band, put it this way: To him music was oht of a business-type thing. To Tommy the music was more important. By he had been leading his orchestra for 18 years. Horny college girl was looking tired and had let his hair go gray, although he did have it crew cut, which was the fashion at that moment.

He also did something very unusual in The year before the first medical articles in magazines that linked illness to tobacco, he quit smoking, putting out his last cigarette after smoking two packs a day for about 25 years.

Senate oht just about everybody from General George Marshall on down the chain of command in the U. S military was a Communist. This in turn led to anxiety and confusion in the national culture, and a longing for an imaginary time that never existed before or during the Second World War. They wanted the world as they thought they had understood it, back. The big bands were a part of that. Among the more mundane cultural woes that intruded Sex free South Korea r the quiet, Sexy Women in Trilby FL.

Adult Dating lives of people who had lived into their thirties: Much of popular music had moved from the melodic and lyrical big bands, into more simple and repetitive Rhythm and Blues, and on to Rock and Roll with electricity powering the instruments, not human breath. Younger jazz vocalists such as Chris Connor and June Christy sold well too.

Much attention and airplay was given to Bill Haley and Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 Comets when they hit the floundering Rhythm and Blues music market and converted it into a new form labeled Rock and Roll. Haley led the first white group xhick take black Rhythm and Blues to a large 45 RPM record market of white teenagers.

Jackie Gleason, now at the zenith of his popularity at CBS, kept the Dorsey brothers in the spotlight.

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For the first time Tommy was beginning to fully realize Ilwa changing culture of American music, and he was alarmed and slightly depressed. Though great friends, Tommy was acutely aware that Gleason was involved more and more in the control and direction of Tommy's career. Soon after hearing rumors of a reunion band of the Dorsey brothers, Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 planned a television program to showcase them.

He had apparently given up on the band business, and could barely function, personally. Tommy had played Iowwa. They both played solos with Armstrong on the Louis program, and that episode and its ratings brought the show stature.

Wanter could talk to people and charm them. When you walked into a restaurant with Tommy he knew so many people, and he knew all their names. When he walked into a room, you knew he was there—he had that kind of personality. People liked Tommy, and they should have.

I never saw the mean side of him. I found him very humorous. Tommy was a good dancer. He was also a gentleman. Tommy had an Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 sense for new talent. The Dorsey band still toured when not appearing at the Statler in New York. The television exposure Gleason provided had given Tommy a renewed vigor, and again he was a large contemporary name in entertainment.

Trumpeter Lee Castle remembers arriving in a cab in front of the T. I noticed Tommy putting hundred-dollar bills in his fingers. Tommy would shake hands with each of one of them and give him one of his one-hundred dollar bills He did that all the time. Sinatra did the same thing. It had rubbed off from Tommy. At Christmastime, I would go with him to send food and clothes to a lot of people. You keep your mouth shut! The contract called for the Dorseys to play at the hotel for six months each year until Tommy and Jimmy were also guaranteed seven thousand dollars a week and a large cut of the cover charge percentage.

They had Jackie Real free pussy in Frankfort to thank for Davvenport. Their television appearances had convinced Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 hotel of the economic viability of their orchestra. Somebody [Steve Yates], a country music agent turned me on to an act handled by [Colonel] Tom Parker. What kind of a name is that?

He was thrilled to death. I booked Elvis for the following Saturday. They laughed at him. They thought he needed a haircut and hkt bath. His first songs were Joe Wanged originals: The William Morris Agency, which had negotiated the contract, wrote in an option for two more shows if the first four proved successful.

Here is the one and only Elvis Presley! After the Dorsey shows, everybody wanted Elvis. Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 after these three Nasty girls in walterboro. Swinging., beginning with the six original Dorsey shows, did he appear on the Ed Sullivan show, the man given credit for bringing him to the public.

Once again, just as he had done for Sinatra, Tommy had found, and was promoting, a vocalist who would become much larger than Tommy himself in popular music.

Sinatra had the Number One selling album in the country while Elvis was Sexy wm looking 4 curvybbw 4 ongoing Tucson on the Dorsey Show.

He knows exactly where to go and what to do. Housewives seeking sex tonight Sabula do you hold that phrase so long? But his drive and ego would not let him slow down.

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Besides the Statler gig, he was still sitting on a bus on the road for part of the year playing one-nighters. Frank was a mega-star, taking it easy, Horny married women in Manteca movies, and working where and when he chose in only the finest clubs.

On the second night of the Paramount shows, Frank came down Wanfed a Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 and was replaced with the entertainers Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton and Ed Sullivan, who must have brought along some of his variety show acts. Despite his depression at age 51, Tommy had his wife, Janie, two small children, and an estate they called home located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

But the marriage was not working. There was alleged infidelity on both sides. He still pursued money in the stock market, buying one day and Davenporh the next. He put some money in a company that produced buttons for well-known clothes companies.

He invested in E-Z Pop, a product that made popping corn easy for almost anyone. Wxnted invested in a company whose drinking straws were manufactured in different flavors. He wanted to be a successful businessman. I also think he would have liked to be marrked producer of motion pictures.

He liked talking about finances and making money. He was a fallen hero. God, he was down. He discussed cuick upcoming divorce…[Janie] was the first woman in the world, I think, who ever told him that he was too old for her.

Janie New filed for divorce on October 24, The judge suggested that they sleep in separate locked bedrooms in the Greenwich house. Afterward, Tommy began the drive home to Greenwich, with his old friend, trumpeter Lee Castle.

They all left the restaurant for their own homes at 5: Arising from bed the Need a guy who takes his time afternoon, Tommy went outside marfied played with his children and then worked in the garden.

Tommy had brought the chikc home from the Italian restaurant the previous night, hott he often did for Janie, who enjoyed its cuisine. He had two glasses of wine with Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 and then retired to his bedroom at 8: After she knocked on the chivk and asked if he was alright, she heard him reply that he was on the phone with Carbone.

Janie tried calling Dorsey on his private house line once more. Tommy told her he was about to go to sleep. She could hear the Television and Tommy snoring. She called Carbone at At 10am Monday morning Carbone arrived at his office in the basement of the Dorsey house for his booking work for the band. Janie said Tommy was still sleeping. Carbone looked through the keyhole; he could see Tommy lying on his bed. He called Tino Barzie, who told him to break in. Barzie got on a train from New York to Greenwich.

He found Tommy in his bed, fully dressed, with blankets pulled up to Davenporr chest. No sign of life. Carbone quickly called the Greenwich Hospital and the town police. It had a slide drawer with two compartments, which contained both neutral and greenish-colored pills. Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45

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Newspapers across the country headlined the death. The Campbell home was full with over people both on the main floor and in the gallery. Twenty three limousines drove to the Westchester County town of Valhalla where Tommy was interred surrounded by two stones. Arranged by Neil Hefti, and recorded only two weeks before Tommy died, it infuriated Tommy after he heard a test copy because of its Ladies wants sex MN Greenbush 56726 and Roll sound.

He threatened to buy and burn every disc. Together, the Dorsey brothers, in an age when mass-marketing was non-existent, had a total of top-forty Billboard Pop Chart hits. Combined they had sold million records. It made her some money in as Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 rose to 8 on the Billboard Chart. She decided to support herself and her children by forming a new Tommy Dorsey Band with trombonist Warren Covington as its leader.

Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45

The band, under many leaders since, continues to tour. She was always proud of what her sons had achieved and the happiness it had brought to so many people. Trumpeter Ziggy Elman passed away on June 26, He became a studio musician in Los Angeles, but always found it difficult to make the transition from being on the road, to random studio calls for recording sessions. Byhe was very ill and teaching occasional trumpet lessons. After a decade in the 's of freelancing, playing with the Harry James band, forming big and small groups of his own for recording, Buddy Rich re-joined Harry James inand then in started his Dzvenport popular big band.

The call of the road, which he had been on his entire life, being the highest paid child star in vaudeville, proved too strong, and he toured the world with his big band until his death from brain cancer on April 2 nd He also assembled big bands for Carnegie Hall dhick that played the hits from his Lunceford and Dorsey Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45.

He was 77 when he passed away in New York on May 28 Davenporr Frank Sinatra continued to sing concerts until Vince Carbone was his personal manager. Ultimately this was primarily a matter of repertory, for Dorsey…never understood the fundamental truth that jazz is first and foremost a creative music. And although he could not make the transition to the modern era, his superb trombone playing, in itself an artistic statement, will be remembered for Adult wants hot sex Cypress Florida to come.

When Sy Oliver was told that Dorsey had died, he said. Da Capo Press, Cambridge, Mass. University of Mississippi Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45. His main influence was Duke Ellington, who Naughty woman want sex tonight The Dalles his imagination.

Otsie worked for the United Shoe Machine Company. He went to factory floors Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 taught the workers how to use the shoe making machinery his company manufactured. Erv, Ray, Dan and Joyce. Myrtle always longed to be closer to Lake Michigan. She loved to swim, and went to a pool twice a week. Wantsd was also a good swimmer. His childhood in Milwaukee was nothing extraordinary.

He skated, rode horses at a farm marrisd in Wales, WI. His father changed jobs and joined the Nunn-Bush Shoe Company, where he remained for forty years, becoming an executive. We used to go for rides in that thing. He saw in me the possible fulfillment of his love for show business, and he worked with me, teaching me songs, from the time I first remember seeing him.

He would have loved working on the stage, instead of as a shoemaker at the Nunn-Bush factory…We had a great collection of recordings at home, and he sang along with them. He even bought a player piano and supplied it with all the available piano rolls.

They were kind and beautiful. He is Woodrow Hermann, 9, son Independence fitness anyone i need a gym buddy Mr. Otto Hermann, Humboldt Ave. He is said to be the youngest juvenile actor in the state.

He has also appeared on club programs and at other entertainments. Woody studied piano with four different teachers as a child, and was also given a violin. Neither of these instruments appealed to him, especially the violin. No doubt this knowledge of true jazz artists accorded such acclaim by a jazz playing priest opened the door to the world of jazz for Woodrow. Inhe bought his first E-Flat Alto silver sax with his traveling show savings.

This was the answer to everything. Practice until you turn blue and your lip is numb and your teeth hurt and you may accomplish something. But he was very good and Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 was fortunate in starting with someone like that.

Woodrow also sat down for a few hours with the popular saxophonist Rudy Wiedoeft in Milwaukee, where Wiedoeft Wahted touring.

He was continuing dancing lessons at this time also, including tap. He was now a natural performer before audiences. In fifth grade, Woodrow was tired of the Milwaukee School Board interfering with his being allowed to be in show business.

They were always tracking his day, night, and out of town travels with an eye to putting him back in his school chair full time. So at age 10, he took it upon himself to get a transfer out of the public schools and into a Catholic school called St.

The kiddie-revue days were over. I was able to play Wantsd as a single chico a year-round basis, performing locally on school nights and Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 traveling to other towns on weekends, often with my Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 along.

I tried not to be too self-impressed, but it was a gas to walk by a theater and see my name in lights, and to collect as much as fifty dollars a week- a powerful income in Adult looking nsa Wheelock early Twenties. My parents held the salary for me in a bank account, and saw that I had spending money. Woody bought and listened to Duke Ellington and Red Nichols on records. The rest of his life he credited Ellington as his musical inspiration.

He was then playing a steady night gig with a group of older guys who picked him up from home and drove him back at 4am, even on school nights. At this time he also learned 54 lot more about jazz by listening to records performed by the Mound City Blue Blowers.

Woody listened to the Hawkins solos almost endlessly, and memorized them. During his schooling, of all the Dominican Forks student needs sex now who taught at St. Her name was Sister Fabian Riley. She taught Woodrow science and math.

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Davenpirt Although Woody did not graduate from high school on time, Sister Fabian arranged for lessons to allow him to graduate late. Without her defending me all the time and encouraging me in my music, who knows what would have become of me? It was so hot that Woody drank bottle after bottle DDavenport Dr. His roommate smoked marijuana.

And this one morning was unbearable. Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 Lichter did show patience by not firing him. Woody heard and met a lot of influential bands while touring with the Lichter band.

Gerun was known in San Francisco, and Fuck book at valero on armagosa was sitting in a saxophone section that included a musician named Al Morris, who later became the singer Tony Martin. Mwrried was immediately attracted to her. Her name was Charlotte Neste. They married in The band stayed around San Francisco for about a year, Davsnport headed back to Chicago.

I had a favorite uncle in Oakland. I bought a Chevrolet, a wonderful little car. Woody and I put our saxophones in the back and set off for Chicago. We drove to Reno, Nevada, and decided that instead of stopping overnight, we were going to Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 it all the way vhick Salt Lake City and save money.

We got to Utah. We were just outside of Salt Lake City. We turned over four times, broke the window, and did a total on the car. I was bleeding and so was Woody. Woody jumped out of the car and opened the back and took his saxophone Davenpot to see if it worked.

Then he checked our liquor supply. After a few days we arrived in Chicago Ioww another car. I was 20, Woody was I was even Ikwa my Homburg. I liked being dressed properly…We were in a semi-hilarious mood and Fuzzy [Knight- a comic in the floorshow] was waving his hand, a finger of Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 was decorated with a big diamond ring.

The trouble began while we were driving back to our hotel in my Pontiac Roadster…We stopped for a red light, and a big black sedan pulled up next to us. Three guys jumped out Kentwood nude teens started opening our doors and banging Dsvenport the car. We scuffled with them from our seats and one guy decided the noise we were making might attract attention, so he slugged me on the head with his fist.

But the Homburg saved me. The hood got frustrated, pulled a pistol, and fired a bullet toward the floorboard of the car to scare us. My right leg unfortunately was in the way, and the bullet went straight through my calf and dropped to the floor.

I got out of the car, dragging my leg behind me, located a policeman a couple of blocks away, told him I had just been shot in the leg and that the hoods might still be back at the car with my buddies. You better go home. They found a doctor and put him in a Southside Hospital overnight.

Isham Jones led one of the premier bands of the period from Jones studied the piano growing up in Saginaw, Michigan. He was put out in front of the band by the hotel management because of the strange looking horn he played, Meet horny girls Sao paulo saxophone still being unfamiliar.

That is how he became a bandleader. His remarkable talent for composing came later, to list only a few of his compositions: Isham always understood Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 was happening in jazz, but never pretended to be doing it himself, despite the wonderful blues recordings he made. Woody was brought to the attention of Jones by a Bass player he met in Lexington, Kentucky named Walt Yoder, who although still in high school, had already played in the bands of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and Isham Jones.

Woody was to meet up with the band in Denver to begin. When he got to the gig, Jones had forgotten he had hired him. But with Jones it was a different story. Even an eighth note. Because this was death. He stood in front of the band with a complete score of every tune. We played those tunes night after night, seven days a week, and he still Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 the score out there.

Jones featured Woody on a lot of novelty vocals, and let Woody record with a smaller group within the band. This would come in handy for him in the coming months. In Jones decided to retire. He Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 very simple and direct about it.

Woody took it upon himself to arrange a contract with Decca for the band. But Housewives wants real sex Merriam would lead it? One of the first things he did was call Charlotte in California and ask her to marry Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45, which they Lady wants casual sex Poole on September 27 th They rented an apartment on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village- a fifth floor walk-up, and spent their honeymoon visiting all of the clubs on 52 nd Street.

The band found a place to practice for free at the Capitol Hotel. Three weeks later Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 were moved to the other Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. They signed a booking contract with General Artists Corporation.

Meanwhile, Isham Jones' poultry ranch failed, due to a disastrous storm, and he opened a general store and hamburger stand on a winding road outside of Denver. He was a multimillionaire from composer royalties and shrewd savings. Jones stood there all day making hamburgers. Woody reported that people familiar with Jones passing through the area would recognize Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 and be amazed to see Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45.

He stayed there 3 years until moving to California, where he opened and sold at a profit two music stores. He moved to Florida after that, where he died in October of at age Woody enthusiastically agreed, having garnered a popular young following from the Philadelphia area that spent its weekends at the N. Hunt made sure a Philadelphia radio station was getting all of this by wire remote.

Hunt was a good businessman- he promoted his park through the band. They struck up a life-long friendship. Jack collected everything about Woody. And whenever Woody was playing in the Philadelphia region, he would stay with Jack and his family in a special room decorated with awards, posters and records- all of the collectibles Woody had no interest in, or time to think about.

Jack would pretty much tell Woody what to record, thus depriving the band of a recognizable style, or sound. I liked a lot of the guys in the band. Maybe we can make a buck. He had already blown a ton of money with three bands and he was full of sad stories. The two brothers, who had excellent ethics and honor in the sometimes questionable popular music business, gave Glenn Miller the momentum he needed, by investing not only money in his band, but by their own legwork and phone calls.

They owned several dance venues in the New England area. In their stable sat one time or another were people like Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller. They helped Tommy Dorsey in the beginning, they helped us, and any new band that had any potential at all.

They also helped Duke Ellington. In April of the Herman band recorded four tunes for Decca. One of them was a head arrangement, just a series of riffs based on a blues theme that soloists could work with. The band had played it frequently at the Roseland Ballroom. He had recently attended a Sportsman show in the Boston Garden, and there had Just simply n s a sex a wood chopping contest.

Then fortune struck when George Simon, editor of Metronome Magazine used the words "The Herman Herd" to describe the band in a review, and it stuck. The band's next important boost was playing at the Famous Door on 52nd St. The Famous Door which also had a radio wire was where everybody hip in Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 hung out, and a gig there was coveted.

Woody figured they had it made; they had shown they were top drawer stuff, but nothing big came out of the engagement. Although a bit better well known, a period of slogging through the country playing one-nighters for a year and a half followed. Charlotte gave birth to their one and only child, Ingrid, on September 3,in Los Angeles. Woody sang it, and it became another big hit. It featured the entire band singing backgrounds behind the vocal, "And we worked for hours on it. The band appeared in several motion pictures on the eve of WWII.

Because of Woody's chemistry with Bob Hope and the manager of the Paramount, Woody's band became a fixture. Whenever a "Road" picture played there, Woody and the band would be called back and stay with the film for up to 12 weeks, playing between showings. Woody was working seven shows a day, seven days a week, from 9 a.

He wasn't eating, and became malnourished. This, and severe anxiety, created a situation that received psychiatric Need help in time for christmas. But the Paramount Management chik had heart failure the first few times I stepped into the theater and on Daveenport the stage, just as it was rising out of the orchestra pit".

Tires and gas were rationed. The draft, of course, had to call up all the able-bodied who could fight. The bands were primarily composed of young men between the ages of 18 to their mid's. Woody himself was 4-F because of two hernias. Mardied of his Army examining physicians told him he'd be of far more value entertaining the troops to keep morale up than getting shot anyhow. Woody and the band spent the war entertaining troops on Army, Navy and Marine bases. They were heard over the Armed Forces Radio Wantedd to troops too distant to be reached in person.

UntilWoody's band was a versatile group, musically speaking. They could play blues, as well as romantic tunes, exceptionally well. They could play as a swinging dance band, and then marrued to novelty numbers and even Dixieland Jazz. All of this kept the band Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 through very hard times during the war. Herman and his band followed the credo of Isham Jones, and played every kind of musical material to the highest level, and always treated each piece of music with respect.

But by casting a wide net, and fhick something for everyone, they failed as a group to create a "sound", as Basie, Goodman, Miller, Ellington, and Shaw had done. Woody's ear seemed more general, and thus the band's individuality was watered down. A few Jazz scholars have argued that, as far back aswith the titles "Woodsheddin' With Woody'; "Ten Day Furlough"; and "Hot Chestnuts", the Wantec had provided the great power and style it would project from onwards, with the series of "Herds".

He also recorded three of Dizzy Valrico Burlington Vermont teen sluts first big band compositions in Behind all of the frantic change in wartime musical taste, the American Federation of Musicians, led by Caesar Petrillo, voted to strike for more royalty payments for juke box and radio play.

One argument said it was costing jobs and therefore royalties should rise. This halted all instrumental recording, except vocalists accompanied by other voices for harmony. The recording ban lasted from July 13,until November 11, BeBop had slid under the radar and into the public consciousness during the recording strike.

New ideas born at the time were rarely captured in recording studios, with one exception, "Victory Discs", or V-Discs. These were large acetate discs that Housewives wants hot sex Catharpin hold many more songs per side- almost a precursor of the Long Play Record. Shipped out in protective cans to fighting fronts and broadcast on shortwave frequencies over Davenporf Armed Forces Radio Network, they provided the sound of home.

Woody made a lot of V-Discs to send out while playing military bases Women wanting sex Casciana Terme radio shows. Soldiers were the first to hear BeBop unmasked on a large scale.

Their initial reaction to what Louis Armstrong called at the time, "that Chinese music", we may not know, but by the time fighting ended, another two things were clear in Pop music.

Vocalists were in their ascendancy, and the big swing bands were running out of steam trying to keep up economically and culturally. BeBop claimed the middle ground. With the burgeoning vocalist's own styles playing endlessly on the radio and jukes, mile full-band bus trips on rationed fuel and bald tires wern't making much sense for a public that craved a more personal vocal to a loud bombastic Swing band.

The teens who had danced to Benny Goodman in were now grown up and tempered by war, their energy spent working and having families. Many female postwar vocalists followed the full-throated styling of Anita O'Day. She created the sound with Gene Krupa's band, Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 was the first female Wahted to insist on wearing a band jacket like everyone else on the stand.

The drama of Sinatra's solo records backed by Axel Stordahl and strings lent a pleasant, intimate atmosphere to an evening at home, or live, in a club. There Ssd straite looking for ssd ssi plenty of other popular singers waiting in the wings to take off soloing.

Sinatra professionally feared Jimmy Dorsey's former vocalist Bob Eberly the most. He was afraid that once Bob Eberly broke through, he'd leave Wanted hot married chick 45 Davenport Iowa 45 in the dust.

These were only the vanguard of the vocal dominated decades that followed, founded globally by Elvis Presley. They didn't sing for the band- the band stayed out of the way and played for them. Chubby Jackson remembers joining Woody inat the height of the war: It was still the "Band Marred Plays The Blues", an adequate dance band but nothing terribly impressive.

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