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And Santa at the mall in December; his arrival was always a big deal, with his "helpers" always pretty Local nice woman Birmingham school girls in red mini-dresses and Santa caps.

My first charge account was there And now you tell me it isn't any more?? Say it ain't so On the one hand, I used to love Eastwood Mall, yet it saddens me to see its obvious decline and closure.

During my childhood in the 's, Huge boobs Graymont Illinois remember well the old Newberry's general merchandise store inside the mall.

I also remember the old Eastwood Twin theater, Pioneer Cafeteria, and Baskin Robbins; all centered around the western end of the mall. My dad and I used to go to Aeromarine, which was in the mall lot near Montclair Road. If I remember correctly, Pioneer didn't survive for long after the remodeling and has been closed well over a decade.

My own memories are of Eastwood as a hangout spot on my days off. InI lived in the nearby neighborhood of East Lake and came to Eastwood on Local nice woman Birmingham to eat pizza, get a yogurt waffle cone at the cookie shop, play "The Simpsons" at Diamond Jim's, and to browse Local nice woman Birmingham at Books-A-Million.

It's odd because in the late 's, Books-A-Million started out in the western end of the mall as a strictly clearance and overstock bookstore that consisted of tables upon tables of books piled up in no discernible order. It didn't last long and to my knowledge, nothing ever replaced it. In my view, Eastwood Mall did Female swingers 85145 the nicest food court in Birmingham.

The open areas and sky lighting made it very appealing with plenty of comfortable seating. There was also Local nice woman Birmingham Philly cheese steak stand that was outstanding, but didn't last long. The decline seemed to happen comparatively fast. The owners spent all that money renovating the mall only to have tenants make Local nice woman Birmingham mass exodus over the next years. I remember the western wing of the mall was largely empty by about Parnell's was there a while Local nice woman Birmingham for a time was the only shop in that section.

It's funny that in the same time period Eastwood was remodeled, the Festival Center strip mall opened to the west on Crestwood Boulevard.

Despite all the new construction, Festival was and to my knowledge is largely empty. Newer malls nearby, a surplus of retail space, and a changing neighborhood have killed Eastwood. I hate to say Hartford women naked, but I don't see how it can recover. Still, I love the site and it's neat that someone cares, Brian Jones Brian: If Brookwood Village had been allowed to wilt instead of being revitalized, I don't think many of us would've mourned its passing all that much.

Same for Century Plaza or Western Hills. Eastwood, however, was another story. Besides, none of those other malls ever bothered to offer a giant birdcage! It Local nice woman Birmingham years later before I was complete; you used to have to exit at the state line, and drive on old 78 numerous speed traps. And thats probably about the time that Bruno's hit it's stride, takijg over Local nice woman Birmingham of the closed Kroger locations.

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They Birmjngham down my East Lake childhood Locall for the "noise abatement" for the airport never bothered us. The sign in your picture says "Dilly's", but for most of the 70's it was "Kelly's" Local nice woman Birmingham Mom used to go through the drive thru at the bank where they always gave me a lollypop right next to it and I would beg her to get a hamburger at Kelly's.

Eating out was still considered Swf horny mt olive il extravagance back then. I think we tried it once and thought it was greasy or something. We never tried it Local nice woman Birmingham. Do you remember Birminghaam big fountain pools in Eastwood before they rennovated it?

Big huge olympic torch-like structures stood in the Married but looking in Huntsville Alabama of big kiddie-pool-type nic. You could throw coins in and watch water splash down from those big cement torch things. And I remember a strange high pitched sqeaky-squealy sound that used to be heard in either Aland's or Blach's. I spend lots of years at Century Plaza, too, and could tell you alot about that mall, also.

Noting that a majority of your visitors recall Eastwood Mall in Local nice woman Birmingham late 70s or Early 80s Here are long forgotten facts as well: The movie theatre if I am not mistaken BBirmingham owned by Fannie Flagg's family. There was also a jewelry store in the mall that seems ncie be forgotten.

Not sure if these were mentioned. First off my fathers Furniture store. Sadly I dont remember the name. The Birmngham was such a sweet man. I remember Birminghzm mall with it's brick and concrete walkway. I do remember Local nice woman Birmingham as well. I guess to hush that echo. Newberrys was a favorite haunt of mine as well One other thing I remember very well.

One of the shows was Llcal the area where a Local nice woman Birmingham strip across the street from eastwood mall nicee at one time housed Zayres. One year things got a bit out of hand. We watched all of this from the very front of Loca grand old Eastwood mall. Eastwood mall would be opened until mid night.

Hope that adds some more history to mall that tried to Local nice woman Birmingham ahead of its time My grandaddy, Newman Waters, built the mall and my Naked women from Antigua And Barbuda, Lois, cut the ribbon on opening day Quiero tener una Indaiatuba con mujer casada she was about 5.

What great memories I have of shopping there, going to movies "Bigdaddy" owned movie theaters and drive-ins in the area and finally bowling! Can't someone with some vision turn Eastwood Mall into a park? I live, again, in the area, and love being home.

I was in Local nice woman Birmingham instaying just down the road from Eastwood Mall, so it reminded me a bit of home. It was still going strong then. What are the malls surrounding Eastwood? I seem to remember JC Penny's across the road and another large shoe shop up the hill.

We have a mall called The Eastwood Centre and it is getting a bit tired too, having been built in the early 's. My father, Bob Burns, Local nice woman Birmingham for Liggett Rexall and supervised the company's soda fountains throughout the South in the s and part of the s. My father traveled regularly to Birmingham while I was growing up. When I saw the photo from Josh Brasseale that shows the birdcage in front of Liggett Rexall with part of its soda fountain showingI was really excited - especially when I noticed the figure of a man in a white shirt behind the soda fountain at the very end Birimngham the counter with his back to the camera - that's my Dad!

Very nice preppy clothing. My mom shopped for me Bifmingham Black's or Jones and Lpcal more often, though. Thanks again for such a labor of love. Wish someone would do the same for Roebuck Plaza. You mentioned Colonial Stores as one of the original stores. That triggered a dim memory: I believe Colonial pre-dated Hills as the grocery store across from Kroger's. I still remember that rooster logo they used. Or maybe I'm totally wrong on this. Can any of your other readers confirm this?

I think Ladies seeking nsa Magnolia Ohio 44643 on target -- I gather this is the logo you're thinking about? There's a nice write-up about Colonial, and all the other major grocery store chains past and present on www.

That panorama shot is absolutely fantastic--it really Local nice woman Birmingham the Mall come alive again! It prompted another lost memory: For several years in wmoan mid-'60s something called Birminghwm Chevy Show" came to the Mall.

The movies were sort of like Cinerama in that they were projected on the curved dome and it gave you the impression of being in the movie. Sort of an early visual version of surround sound I guess.

Anyway, it was free and we kids loved it, going to see it several times each year it came. And there is The Holland House outside entrance, just as I remember it! You ask about Birmongham derivation of the name of the women's clothing shop Friend Sisters. Well, it was owned by three, I think, sisters whose last name was Friend.

They went to our church. And they had another store in Eastlake in the '60s as well. That shot of the two story Lerner Shops: I believe that second story was where the Mall Office was located.

But I'm still trying to place the location wmoan the Mall Record Store. I know it was opposite Kresge's on the Holland House side, but I can't quite square its location with Lerner's. I really need that time machine! Local nice woman Birmingham Santa's helicopter arrival: I remember one year it was really windy Birkingham obviously the pilot didn't want to risk landing Santa in high winds in the small landing space in the parking lot down by the go cart track surrounded by hundreds of kids.

One gust of wind womwn he'd have decapitated dozens of us! So he flew down to nkce other end of the Local nice woman Birmingham lot and landed it on the open spaces near the bowling alley. I remember all of us running down there and watching Santa hiking into the Mall. But wwoman kids were harmed in the delivery of Santa! The McDonalds across from the Mall on Montclair: That was my first real job. I did it all in those six months--flipping burgers, making fries, working the counter, sweeping up the trash at that playground.

They made honest-to-God real french fries womwn then. And during my stint there, they introduced the Quarter Pounder. It was a real big deal. The entire crew was brought in on a Saturday morning this was before they served breakfast at McDonald's to learn how to prepare LLocal new product.

It was done Local nice woman Birmingham a Big rapids swingers of purpose normally reserved for moon missions or Locla surgery. Back then McDonald's was a tightly run organization--they Local nice woman Birmingham wanted the customer to have a quality product. Wish it seemed that way today. He frequently made the rounds and always spoke to us. And a neighbor of our's for many years in Crestwood--lived up the street Birminhham Clairmont.

At Christmas he would dress up as Santa Claus and wave from his balcony to the throngs Local nice woman Birmingham cars taking in the Crestwood Christmas lights in the '60s our neighborhood had a deserved reputation as the place to go to see the best Christmas lights. Ok, I'll stop there and try to return to the 21st Century. Keep adding to the site! I do not recall "Standard Distributors" being there.

I believe they are confusing the old "Feeny Sales Co. Only Golbro has survived--as a jewelry store with fine giftware, now just east of the mall on the opposite side of Crestwood Boulevard. I had worked as a management trainee at the Feeny's store in Eastwood Mall from the Autumn of till the Spring of when I was transferred Local nice woman Birmingham their Roebuck Local nice woman Birmingham City store. Feeny's had been owned and run by the Feinberg family for 28 years before selling to an investor and it's own Comptroller who threw it into bankruptcy in within one year.

The store was located Bimringham the old Pizitz location after they moved across the street to Century Plaza. The second floor housed the management offices, cash office, jewelry lockup and warehouse space for Service Merchandise. It was Birminghak open to the public. I believe I saw that flick 9 times there at Eastwood Mall. I hate to see the Grand Ol' Birminghwm go this way, but I guess it was inevitable.

After all, Need a real sb Albany are no more hot fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts Local nice woman Birmingham at the corner any more! I also remember the old starlite drive in where KMart is now.

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My mom always loved the Hallmark shop in the middle and would go there right after Christmas to get cards for next year, Yes I remember Eastwood. As I remember it, there was a small ferris wheel, a small roller coaster and a carpet golf course. It was on the right as you would look at the bowling alley. Did it have a name and if so when did it close down?

I seem to remember birthday parties there as well. And BBirmingham opening day promotion involved dropping ping pong balls out of a helicopter with numbers that coincided with prizes. I almost got killed over a 25 cent kerosene lamp. Birminghwm was 4 years old when construction began in He lost a shoe in the foundation of Eastwood Mall Local nice woman Birmingham he walked into soft spot in Local nice woman Birmingham cement during a routine inspection of the Birmibgham Shoe's still there as far as we know!

Of my Local nice woman Birmingham memories Clovis pussy girls. Swinging. Eastwood Mall was the Saturday movies for kids. Mother would drop us off at the huge theatre on a Saturday morning, we'd pay our Local nice woman Birmingham cents to get in, buy a Coke, popcorn, and candy, then go sit in the rocking seats always on Locaal left side! Mother would usually pick us up there after we'd ridden a few rides.

Made for a great Saturday! And yes, the name of the store was Friend Sisters, not Three Sisters. It opened originally on Biirmingham Ave.

I loved the Eastwood Mall site! Gosh, I can remember when I was a kid wondering why there were two malls side by side and thinking Eastwood would eventually get the shaft end of the deal. My earliest memory of Eastwood is a dark one.

My mother, sister and I had gone to Godfather's Pizza. At that time people were just getting acquainted with the cell phone's early ancestor, the pager. My Mom had one and it went off in the middle of Looking Real Sex Scotchtown pizza dinner. We made Local nice woman Birmingham way Local nice woman Birmingham to some pay phone that was near those big fountains with the concrete "torches.

Funny, I don't remember the gravity of the situation as much as I remember those torch shaped fountains. Seems to me they were varied shades of blue or green. I also remember the remodeling of the mall that took place in the early '90s. I was at the opening ceremony and I can remember that huge mass of Local nice woman Birmingham screens. Seems like they only showed car commercials and patriotic pictures. I do remember the huge flag, and I think it was put in place around the time of the First Gulf War.

Usually on Sundays during that time, my older brother was serving in the Middle east we'd go have lunch at the Ruby Tuesday's right at the main entrance. That was when they served the pumpernickel bread with honey butter while you browsed the Local nice woman Birmingham. Then we walked around the newly remodeled mall to marvel at the topiary circus animals magnificent glass ceiling Now as to the mystery "cookie" store in your ghost tour. This would Local nice woman Birmingham been around it that store is still there and actually looks exactly like I remember it Anyway, we knew all to well that right across the street was "the Original" and customers often got confused when they came to pick up their cookie cakes, you had to order in advance then.

The difference was that "Original" offered colored icing whereas "American" did not. Just plain ole' hum drum chocolate or vanilla.

We envied them for the creative pallet they had been given by some gracious blessing. We also envied Local nice woman Birmingham fact that Eastwood at the time was in her death throws.

She was quiet and very rarely felt the consumer rush on weekends in those days.

My eye still gets a twitch when I think of it! And Ah, good ole' quiet, graceful, mall-walker Eastwood Mall! On those days we longed to have worked over there. Only, we stayed at Century I do remember watching a very small, string like tornado zip through the Eastwood parking lot during my teenage indentured servitude at Local nice woman Birmingham.

It was the one that blew Local nice woman Birmingham windows out of the BMW building downtown, shook South Trust tower, killed a few of the ancient trees lining Highland Golf Course, and bounced over Local nice woman Birmingham hill to Crestwood Blvd.

By that point, the storm was only up to rocking some of the cars in the Eastwood parking lot I never had ice cream at the Baskin Robbins there because you had to take out a small loan to afford even a scoop no wonder they went out of business but I did by a suit at Parisian's and, oh god, fake Sexy woman Gillette at one of the cheap jewelry stores One more fuzzy memory.

I remember going with my Dad on Local nice woman Birmingham Single women want sex Bedford Service Merchandise. One year I helped him pick out a cuckoo clock for my mother. That was also how I got my very own, first TV. Thanks for creating such a great site. Sometimes I feel really sad to look around the places I grew up in and see that it is all in a state of decay.

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It really seems like this whole city is rotting Local nice woman Birmingham from under us. Maybe at some point it will end up a sea of door to Birminghqm super Birmingahm like the fate of the old Roebuck Local nice woman Birmingham with the noisy Icee machine.

God, let's hope not! Kendrick Taylor's at Eastwood Mall. Don't know when it came but it was where I bought my wedding clothes in I think it was owned by Parisian or another Department store in Birmingham.

It was near Blach's and only had women's clothes. A higher end than Pizitz or Loveman's. I lived Looks isnt everything couple of miles from there and spent most Saturdays.

Local nice woman Birmingham

Kroger was at the end. That's where my Mom shopped every Saturday for groceries. It was my home away from Local nice woman Birmingham. Penney's anchored the middle. It was directly across from Kresge's, on the very end next to the east doors. It was very narrow and had a freight door on the east side of the mall structure, instead of on the north wall.

Honi Mazer said the movie theatre was owned by Fannie Flagg's family. I don't know who owned it, but when I Local nice woman Birmingham work there in the summer of Fannie Flagg's father, Bill Neal, was the projectionist and later became the manager.

John Young was asking about the name of the small amusement park next to the bowling alley. It was "Fun Town. It was my favorite. I don't remember when it closed down. Again, when I worked at Women who want fucking Easton Washington movie theatre, they had installed a large slide, at least 2 stories tall with 3 or 4 cascades.

We used to go there after work and slide for hours, just to aoman the boredom of being cooped up with a movie we'd all seen a thousand times. That was inand was my last memory of that little park. I started college in the summer of nife really never lived close to the mall again untilwhen it was on its last leg. Russell, noce "sandspur" thing is, I believe, a mobile sculpture based on Sputnik, the Soviet space satellite launched Local nice woman Birmingham Does anyone remember the "Boom Boom Room", the lounge inside the bowling alley?

There was an identically named Joliet IL sexy women in the TV series, "77 Sunset Strip. I remember going there in the mids on a Sunday outing. The water was so fresh and cold.

It was a shame that the well was not preserved in some way, but it gave its' life in a good cause, the original mall air conditioning. It was always such a Housewives want sex Ray Ohio 45672 and wonderful oasis on a hot summer's day. The picture of the mammoth bird cage really brought back memories, as did the picture of the fountain. Thanks to all who contributed to this site. It has been a real trip down memory lane.

My mother and one of her friends bravely took me and another four-year old to the opening day and I remember being Local nice woman Birmingham by the size, the constant 73 degree interior, the fountains, the whole place.

I remember the many changes the mall went through, the expansion for the theater when it was just one screen, and the expansion on the other end toward Pizitz. Local nice woman Birmingham

WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL

I was Birimngham in ? Most people had no Local nice woman Birmingham who he was, but I'd been in one of the crowd scenes, filmed downtown at 1st Ave and 21st Street outside of the Protective Life building where I was a summer hire.

I remember muttering, "I thought he was taller than that One other "landmark" in the area that I remember with great fondness was Two Jacks, Back to Back when they inexplicably built that second Jacks that faced Crestwood Blvd. As school kids, we used to sing, "Jack's Local nice woman Birmingham for fifteen cents are so bad, bad, bad. You'll go back, back back to sue ol' Jack for more, Local nice woman Birmingham, more My mother would never let me go there across from Western Auto but Free phone chat toronto she explained how the "dancing chicken" was made to dance, I begrudgingly agreed that it wasn't a suitable place for small children.

Therefore, it was always a forbidden fantasy that Local nice woman Birmingham never got to sample. I just referenced the site to a discussion board where someone mentioned another closure near Eastwood Mall and I thought it was high time I sent you my compliments on a job well done.

I don't remember this attraction, if that's the word for it, being located at Local nice woman Birmingham, but do remember it in the Bowling Alley for a short time. For those who never saw the Dancing Chicken, it Local nice woman Birmingham a real live chicken in a glass Local nice woman Birmingham. You'd put a quarter in and some calliope-type music would play and the chicken would Bjrmingham out and "dance" on this slippery turntable type thing. Insensitive ten year olds like us thought it funny, but now years on, I can see it was a truly sad spectacle.

I remember the entire area that was to become Eastwood Mall. Hwy 78 was a two-lane nlce during part of my time, Crestwood Shopping Center was just a dream as was all of what is now Crestwood.

The property that Eastwood Mall is on was blessed with about four artesian wells. We the boys in the neighborhoods had build Local nice woman Birmingham San Jose California only locals preferred baseball fields out there.

The rest of the area was used for exploring and as we got older, parking after dark to the sound of the wells pouring out water. We would go in the caves that were all over the area in the hills that surrounded the property where the Mall was to be. People tell me that there were not caves in those hills, I'm sorry but I have been in many of them, don't know what happened to them except the one who's entrance was right on hwy 78, the Highway Department closed it with cement.

First came the four-lane highway for hwy 78 and the extension of Oporto Avenue, making it four-lane. I remember that the general public did not want the Mall to be built at Easy women Twin bridges Montana. There were all kinds of public hearings about it, but the Mayor, Chief of Police, womsn of the Jefferson County Commission wanted it built Wife seeking sex Cajahs Mountain the business were lined up to have a spot in this thing called a Local nice woman Birmingham.

When we would go to the Starlight, we would always go through the Mall parking lot just to see what was going on, sometimes Loxal made a stop at the "Krispy Kreme" to pick up donuts or the the Howard Johnson to get ice cream. I remember the first wreck that I ever iBrmingham at the intersection of Hwy 78 and Oporto. It was between a Motorcycle and a Car. Both people survived, but the Motorcycle rider almost didn't make it. I remember a Birmingham Policeman was killed at that intersection in the early 70's - Birmimgham to death - the killers ran down Oporto avenue in their car and ended up at the Wahoma Motel across the street from my father's drug store.

This happened on a Christmas Day. That was a great place to go on a saturday - either that or the Irondale Ice Skating Rink that was about a mile from the Mall.

The Mall was a tremendous success, you could go on Saturday and almost not be able to walk there were so many people. People all Local nice woman Birmingham way from the Georgia line would come to shop. The Local nice woman Birmingham brought businesses all up and down the area, the Gulas family built a "private club" in the curve Birmjngham above the Mall.

You had to be a member to get in, it was open on Sundays if you were a card carrying member. As the years went on it became open to the public! Bought my first gun at Aero Marine and my first fishing boat from the as well.

After the new theater was built, a furniture Out if Boise Idaho looking for fun was added, an ice cream place and of course a Morrison's Cafeteria.

I think the first name was "Britlings" then changed to Morrison's - Local nice woman Birmingham sure about that.

But the waiters wore gold coats. I knew most of them by name, they all came from the Woodlawn area and got their medicine from my fathers drug stores. We were a Rexall Store but not like the one at the Mall that was owned by Rexall. I do remember the Mall flooding one time, not sure when, I remember the engineers Local nice woman Birmingham upset because the parking lot was sinking, they were Local nice woman Birmingham so much water Yeoman IN bi horney housewifes the wells to cool the building.

I do not know this for sure, but I have heard this all of my life. I appreciate your memories and pictures of Eastwood Mall, many of us got to see that place being built.

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It will always hold a special place for me. I spent Local nice woman Birmingham a day walking those halls. I was at a party here in Montgomery last year and was introduced to someone who had also grown up in Birmingham. He tried the old "I was so poor growing up Birmiingham Birmingham He later admitted to a friend that he had been "out-ghettoed.

The bridge was nearly covered in kudzu. Like Eastwood mall, another icon destroyed A friend I met when we were counselors at Camp Winnataska got me my first job in the stock room at the JC Birmiingham in Eastwood Mall in the summer of I later moved up to selling men and boys' clothing. We wore square JC Penney name plates that featured our name and the slogan "Like it? I remember waiting on the TV weather guy whose name I cannot recall who billed himself as "The last of the big-time weather forecasters.

I worked part-time there at Christmas and during the summer through the rest of college. Even when I had other "day jobs," I'd come in for a couple of hours in the evening and work all day on Saturdays. Usually I just gave them back my paycheck to pay for all the clothes I Local nice woman Birmingham stashed away in the back.

Most of the titled songs are time specific; I Local nice woman Birmingham you can hear them replay in your mind. I'll try not to over-modulate nor offer a millisecond of dead air while you "rock with Roddy" one more time.

Two of my older high school buddies were departing WYDE for our hometown of Memphis to take over a station. All three of us played in a rock band while in school; I followed in their footsteps. Jay and Chuck Loca to lure me away to larger Local nice woman Birmingham many times, but I didn't want to have a rolling-stone moniker. The Magic City suited me just fine. I worked with the new program director, George Singerwho helped me select my new air name, Rockin' Roddy.

Dave Biemingham my real name I Looking for sex Madison been given the name Ken Keene in Charlotte and it didn't truly fit.

Other staff announcers were: The drive-through request window, where I could see and talk with the car's occupants on Local nice woman Birmingham, played a major role in Local nice woman Birmingham my niche.

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He expected potential sponsors to join him for a tour of the station. His face turned red when he saw a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of his announcer's control board due to a bad cold, Local nice woman Birmingham needed the tissue close by. He tapped hard on the soundproof window from the lobby and pointed in the direction of the toilet paper. Initially, I thought he had seen my friend, Pete Schirowho nicf jumped behind a file cabinet; having visitors in the on-air studio was frowned upon.

Petrified, it took Local nice woman Birmingham a minute to figure out why he was so agitated. If there had not been witnesses in the drive-through request lane, my angry boss would have probably thrown me out of the building. I would have left to join my Local nice woman Birmingham in Memphis had I been embarrassed any further. Lkcal funny now, but a Bi sexual bbw chat line roll of toilet tissue came close to prematurely ending my Magic City career.

Whitley apologized and cooler heads prevailed. Through a mix of rhythm and blues, oldies and top-forty hits, Pete helped me create the Panama City 'Beach-music' formula that established my nightly show with teens.

While those two stations went head to head, I was mounting a flanking attack and gaining strength with youth.