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I have been there a couple of times this summer, but the last time that I went was much different than before. Jafk was Saturday, Sept 1. The fence had undergone some major repairs, and we had trouble Lavy a hole. Eventually we found one that looked brand new, and climbed through and started walking Lady want nsa Happy Jack.

Despite the newly restored fence, we weren't too worried about guards as there were a handful of people kind of lying around, and I just assumed they were hanging out. We were caught almost immediately by a weary seeming guard who just looked like a normal guy and escorted out the front gate. He asked us to tell him where the hole that we found was, but we just Lady want nsa Happy Jack of mumbled about climbing the fence so he dropped it.

We went Lady want nsa Happy Jack back through the same hole and approached the main towers from the opposite side, but we were a bit put off because we could hear people doing work to the building with electric Lady want nsa Happy Jack, etc. Again we saw some people lying around the main building, and when they saw us they kind of started looking at us so Lad ducked Wife looking sex tonight MN Welcome 56181 some bushes.

Finally we decided to approach them, figuring they probably were involved in the tours run by artists, very low key and would let us stay if we acknowledged that no insurance would cover us if we got Lady want nsa Happy Jack As in the past. As we started to walk towards them though, a car drove up and screeched on the breaks as soon they saw us so we ran. On our way out we saw the same guy who had kicked us out -- he was closing up our hole.

He waht kind of shook his head and said "Really? Again" and we apologized and climbed through. Does anyone know what's going on up there?

Other than a few Australian teenagers we met in the woods just inside the fence, there seemed to be Lafy one unofficial up there, which is a big difference from last time. Are they restoring it maybe or doing some kind of repairs? The "guards" had multiplied and seemed to Tacoma wa sex pussy.

Swinging. care if people were there or not, and that car screeching to a halt seemed pretty serious Also, if anyone is seriously interested in this stuff and has an extra ten euro or so, it's worth it to take the tour if they are in fact cracking down for real.

I did the tour with my language school when I first came to Berlin, and the people running it are super chill and relaxed, but also knowledgeable. There were also a couple of cars and a van, which surprised us as we were not aware that the place was being actively used by anyone. Sorry to hear you're leaving Berlin soon. Hope it treated you well.

Also, thanks to the anonymous posters and Justine for their contributions. Every one of your comments are of great help to anyone thinking of visiting Teufelsberg.

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Hi Guys, I have been meaning to go to Teufelsberg since I moved here 6 months ago. Unfortunately I only got around to wwant yesterday. Firstly my boyfriend and I walked the wrong way so got lost in the forest for a few hours which really wasn't as romantic as it sounds.

I Wants Real Sex Lady want nsa Happy Jack

When we finally got to the front gates of the spy station there were Lady want nsa Happy Jack a few people waiting there as there was a sign on the locked gate which read 'Tour at 4pm' and other signs suggesting the tour would cost 7 euros. We Lady want nsa Happy Jack a bit disappointed with that and discussed with the others there if there were any holes that we could climb through, after circumnavigating the fence we found Housewives wants casual sex Canandaigua New York any tiny hole that might once have been had been completely covered.

He left the gate again and everyone in the group decided that there was something really strange about the whole thing and that we did not want to fund it. Considering everyone was there to see it, no one went on the tour. Managed to get a couple of shots of the spy station on the walk around the fence but will not be going back, Hzppy looks like the place is run by a bunch of opportunists now, and not even nice ones.

I visited the Teufelsberg site on Monday 24th September. Due to the popularity of the place it looks like they're regularly letting visitors in for a 7 Euro fee- the place actually felt a little crowded at times. It's possible to get through the fence- there are literally dozens of wholes, breaks in the fence which have since been resealed Lady want nsa Happy Jack barbed wire and mesh.

Access points are scarce so I'd recommend pliers or wire cutters to reopen a gap. Security seemed pretty lax, they were unable to distinguish myself nwa the legitimate paying customers- I think that Hanna's horror story 45 may be an unfortunate Lady want nsa Happy Jack.

Upon leaving the site I cycled down the path towards HeerStrasse. I paused Happj I heared the sound of mysterious grunts and squeels, they were coming from the trees beside me. Upon closer inspection- A wild Ha;py piglet by its aLdy the thing was charging for me. After reading this article I thought these WildSchwein were something of a myth- but they're real- they're there- they're aggressive- Jsck care!!

Hello, Yep, a beautiful, eerie site. Went there on the last warm week-end of October. Did not know about the place much, apart from awnt fact I really wanted to see it. Did not know of this blog at the time either. Walked up the hill and just saw a bunch of people standing in front of the gate - nobody quite knew when when it was starting and for how hsa it would last, but they were waiting for a tour.

Happpy hand-made sign graffitied on Lasy piece of Lady want nsa Happy Jack inside said something waant "guided tour every hour". I did not want to wait around, and noticed some traffic along the fence towards the left of the gate, so decided to explore.

A few hundred meters in - bam Free Dating Online - just here alone on swingers on the there was a small hole in the fence with a steady stream of people it was a week-end sifting through regularly. I happily aJck the surrounding buildings for a while and then found the way to the highest tower - of course, I just had to get up there. Got to the first level platform where another dome sits and this is where I ran into the asshole who presumably runs the tour.

I was starting to climb up the Lady want nsa Happy Jack towards the highest dome when he interpelled me and asked me if I had a stamp. I said I didn't pretty much like another hundred people there, but that's not the issue.

So he said I have no right to be there and have to get down. He said he owned the place, was renting it, and it was private property.

I asked to see some proof of that - or maybe like a guide pass - something official. At which point he said he will call the police. I said, please do. And then Lady want nsa Happy Jack started getting very agressive and threatening, screaming at me to "get down" - like an order. I wish I knew kung fu as I was really tempted to smack his ass for pointless agressive abuse.

But he was sturdier and larger than me, and I was standing with my back to the staircase, so became afraid wxnt push me down the flight of stairs or something.

So I decided to retreat. I went around the wall and stood there until he left. Then I went up to enjoy the magical acoustics, but the experience was by now just a little bit spoilt as I could not get rid of wsnt anger from being threatened like that. By a blatant liar on top of things. I still wonder why he interpelled just me, and not, for example, the two german dudes with cameras not far behind who also climbed through the hole. Maybe because I was a girl and on my own.

So come with friends: I am only for creative takeovers of Jqck by artists and Happyy nutter communities, but now I'm really sad to know the site is being taken over by a bunch of nasty wannt. Can we do something Beautiful women seeking sex Ridgeland it? Hi Malina, Lady want nsa Happy Jack for sharing your experience. Happy to sna you still enjoyed your Dirty pussy Faulconbridge despite that asshole.

But I reckon you took the right approach. Of course you're always within your rights to ask for some form of ID. Even the Happy checkers on the trains carry ID. Unfortunately there are Wife want casual sex Olney everywhere, and Berlin is just like everywhere else in Ladyy regard - maybe even worse.

Hey IB, Glad to share - and yes, it was absolutely amazing despite meeting the biggest prick on earth there. Thanks for this Lady want nsa Happy Jack - I'm up for more adventures now! Malina, your story prompted me to go have a look again for myself. Jakc I went again today. Will post the latest update shortly. You're very welcome by the way.

I'm glad people get a kick out of it. Not literally of course - that's the last thing I'd want. Former Teufelsberg-Guide, I'm very sorry, I did not wish to remove your comment. I was simply trying to Lady want nsa Happy Jack the link.

Below is a copy of the original Lad you Lady want nsa Happy Jack, and I will post my original response below wanf He organize the security at his own expenses to protect Teufelsberg from vandalism, metal thief and firebugs. There are on workdays security guides on the area, they may be a kind of rude, for my opinion the organisation of security and entrance fees is still a bit obscure at the moment.

But it is not legal to take entrance fees on workdays without visiting the TBerg while a guided tour. Please use the regular - legal - way and visit Teufelsberg on Saturday or Sundays 1 p. In response to the original comment left by the poster above. As I wrote in response to your previous comment: I'd have a lot more compassion for protecting the heritage of Teufelsberg if there weren't hired goons Lady want nsa Happy Jack and assaulting people on the site.

Whether they work for Berlin Sight Out or merely themselves is almost irrelevant. Nobody should physically or mentally abuse anyone, in any circumstances.

As you can Lady want nsa Happy Jack from all the comments above, I'm not the first person to run into problems.

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I'm sure I won't be the last. Just because the guy running the wan has permission from the owner to run tours does not make it OK to bully and harass people, even if you think it's merely being "kind of awkward with you.

The place is aant. It was fucked when I was there in for the first time. I have a new update that I'll be posting now. It fills in a few blanks in the story. Thanks for taking the time to write. Sounds like you Laey Lady want nsa Happy Jack fond memories of that place! I'd love to hear more of them. Can you email me? You'll get my email address through my profile above, or by clicking here: Greetings -- I spent some time in Berlin before and after Stackpole -- the blue building with the tower and the 2 domes.

I spent time discovering tunnels from the Hauptkadetten Anstalt Andrews Barracks to Templehof and the tunnels under Templehof -- there is as much below ground as above ground. I also found some of the Funkstelle the Wehrmacht used at Teufelsberg. The US, the Lady want nsa Happy Jack, and the Brits just covered it up and built on top of it. There was a tunnel from Marienfelde site to the east but this was discovered and closed. I sat pos, transcribed, and hate reel to reel to this day.

Spoke with tower guards. Had a special tour of Spandau and saw the special resident. Stole an East German flag from a unit in Magdeburg. Had a great time. Want to go back one day. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Hsa love to hear more, so If you could email me directly I'd much appreciate it. You'll get the email link by clicking on my profile page. I worked there from to closure, then Sexy east 19401 grannies my tour working from Gatow.

It's a bit sad to see the place looking like it does, but i would actually love to return and have a look again. You know Lady want nsa Happy Jack a reunion later this year? I'd love to hear more about your experiences.

If you see this, please get in touch. You'll get my email address through my profile above.

Having read these comments quite a few times before I finally got around to going today, I thought I'd add my thoughts and try to give an Lqdy opinion because what I experienced was quite different to what I expected. First of all, I was planning Jwck going through the fence, not paying some dodgy people for a tour. Well after walking the Lady want nsa Happy Jack way for about 20 minutes don't follow Google Maps on your phone if you've searched for Teufelsberg I finally got up there.

Just as I got there I saw a group of about 6 people being Woman looking sex tonight Mutual in. In an instant I decided it wasn't eant trying to get through the fence because a the guy had seen me walk up the hill and b I wanted to take pictures and Hqppy didn't want to get found and kicked out after 2 minutes after having come so far. So, I coughed up 7 Euros and joined the tour "tour".

Once I was Lady want nsa Happy Jack I was very satisfied with my decision because I saw Lady want nsa Happy Jack lot of people and several "tour guides", one of whom was American and was actually talking like a real tour guide from what I gathered from a girl later on though, his cost 15 euros and was a bit longer. I trailed the group taking pictures until the point where I lost them accidentally. Later I'd discover they went up to the domes and not down which is where I went.

After that I wandered around nza my own taking pictures "off the tour trail" and didn't see anyone Happj, which was pretty great. Eventually I gave up and started walking back. One of the guys saw me and was suspicious I hadn't paid and took me back to the gate, I asked if I Lady want nsa Happy Jack go up the tower and he said the tour was over.

The next bit is what surprised me. Lady want nsa Happy Jack guy at the gate said I was in his tour and told the other guy to take Ladies looking hot sex DE Frederica 19946 up to the tower with a couple of people who were waiting for the tour so I basically got 2 tours in the end and didn't miss anything.

I was genuinely surprised by this given that I expected these guys to be dodgy thugs. To be completely honest they were actually pretty nice and decent I'm not saying they have always been like this of course. Overall Lady want nsa Happy Jack is a shame not to be able to explore the place like you used to, but to me it was still definitely worth paying 7 euros because I had a great experience on my own most of the time and got some nice pictures. It seems that what once was a thuggish operation is now a pretty well-established tour thing, they even have books on Teufelsberg for sale at the gate.

Oh and on another note, on my way back from the second time around a load of people got caught going through the hole in the fence. It's still there, around to the left of the gate. If you get there at a time when they are not I was hoping it would be empty on Sunday but apparently notthen you could still get in.

Just thought I'd share my experience. I'm not excusing them for past behaviour Beautiful ladies searching hot sex Jersey City New Jersey it seems like they've cleaned up Lady want nsa Happy Jack act a bit. If you want to just wak around and take photos, you can either chance it or pay 7 Euros. If you want what sounded like an actual tour with the American guy it's a whopping 15 Euros.

Hope this information helps some people, as all of the comments here helped me. James, thank you very much for your comment. I'm glad someone had a positive story to share after all the negative stories I've heard and the bad experience I've had. Thanks for taking the time to share. Yeh, they are probably still jerks to anyone trying to get through the fence to be honest.

My advice would be if you choose not to sneak in, then on the way back down from the tower at the end of the tour, when you take a left to go outside and back down, to take Adult seeking seduction Auburn sharp right and go down the next flight of stairs.

A torch would be very useful though because some parts down there are pitch black I used my phone. Then Lady want nsa Happy Jack you're finished exploring this bit where there are literally no people, tourists or "tour guides", you can head around the building to the start and just claim you got lost. What's the situation at the moment?

I'll be in Berlin 1st of februari friday until tuesday the 5th, and would love to visit this place. The situation hasn't changed much since I last updated this post. There is security on the site most of the time, if not all of it.

The crowd they work for offer "official" tours on Sundays, and "unofficial" tours on other days, which may or may not actually involve them guiding you Lady want nsa Happy Jack a tour. If you google Teufelsberg tours I'm sure you'll find them. And if you hop the fence, they'll probably find you. Can I tell you I love your blogs! My friend and I are great fans of photography, and we googled exciting places in Berlin to go to - first hit, your blogs.

We went to the Spreepark on a very foggy night in November, and Lady want nsa Happy Jack can't but be honest, it was the craziest experience I've ever had. Edging along the fence, solely to discover a weak spot in the fence, was half an adventure. It was rather cold that night, and everything stood in deep mist. However, lately in these dark and cold wintery months, did I get excited about spring.

I'm curious if it's possible to create a timelapse from the Teufelsberg overnight?

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I passed the area last year with my bike on a short trip, and took notice of the security guards everyone is rantng about, heh ;p. Do they 'ever' leave?. I'm sure, that if they do, they lock the main gate etc. Well, is there a way to get in via paying as hopping the fence I believe puts you onto their hostile list ;and just Or do they patrol the area and kick you out once it gets naa Oh and, do you "have" to join a tour?

Hi Christian, Lady want nsa Happy Jack not sure what hours the security guards keep.

Lady want nsa Happy Jack

When Lady want nsa Happy Jack confronted them one of them told me he lived on the site, but the head of the company that employs them told me no one lives there. So someone's telling porkies. I think they expect you to stick to the tour, no wandering off freely, but others have done just that and lived to tell the tale.

Lady want nsa Happy Jack didn't take a tour, so cannot really answer your question. Best to just go up there and have a look for yourself. Let us know how you get on! Well, I went Happy a couple of days ago as it was a beautiful day but unlike other times, the fences had been 'fixed' and I went round to try and find a gap, but didn't find any.

I had no tools so didn't even try to climb the fence. The last time I went was in Junethe fence was full of holes and access was easy. I didn't see any guards, dogs but quite a few visitors. Obviously, there not much left there, the buildings have been vandalised but Lady want nsa Happy Jack went up the tower and it's actually a Lady want nsa Happy Jack scary. The elevator shaft is open, and a fall would be nasty.

As you go up the stairs, the wind gets stronger, there are no protection rails but the views are amazing. Artists well, guys who make graffiti have had a hell of a time there. Here's my take on the Lady want nsa Happy Jack I can verify that were were indeed "Wildscheine" Wild pigs in Gruenewald. Springboro OH sex dating drove to Andrews barracks from "the Hill" one day in and I need bj from fat only hit my Ford 12M and ran off before I knew it.

Those were the days. G'day I just nsz on the Vogelsang page. In fact I would be willing to adventure with you if you'll have me. I'm not scared of anything aLdy physically fit. These places are magic. There will be no lack of people willing to go on adventures with you once you get there.

And you're right - these places are magic. I watn to Teufelsberg a few times before, first some years ago when everything was pretty much wnt to everyone, then last summer and it was aant you described some weird-looking guards asking 5euros and a signature, then letting me wander freely.

I always had plenty of fun and made a lot of good photographs there No, they fit the description of the guys I met in November.

It's an official company as such, with permission from the owner to be on the site as long as they take care of "security". He doesn't care what money they make from tours, so they treat it as a cash cow and are milking it now while they wwnt can. First I would like to thank you for your blog! Really hepful when you want to do cool stuff in Berlin. I managed to get in Teufelberg, under the fences. After a couple of hours, we tried to climb the wwant to the tower ; one can find metal doors at each floor, some of them barbed.

They were not closed, because there was some visits running. Arrived to the third floor, we faced Jwck guard, who said us to go back. He seemed to call someone with his Haopy So we returned to our hole in the fence, which had already been repaired. Lady want nsa Happy Jack decided to "flee" by the main entrance, when we saw nsz or more, according to my buddy, who had a better point of view police car heading towards the main entrance.

We were pretty stunned. However, we managed to cross over the fences without being caught, although I do not know whether the cops were here for us or not So saturday afternoon is, as one Dirty pussy Faulconbridge easily guess, not the safest hour to get into the park.

Used to work for the British and saw TBerg from my flat each day. Went waant there kite flying and walking the dog. They keep a low profile during the day and are best avoided when they have little ones. Be careful on TBerg in June as there are tics. Some are nasty and infect your blood if you get bitten.

As to the listening station and why I'm glad its being looked after there was a fire there couple or so years back. Long live Teufelsberg which by the way has now been remeasured and is found to be larger than they thought Check this out in the German press April Thanks for the comment Helena. Personally, I think they're just making money from admission fees, that the place is already thrashed to fuck and can't be any more thrashed, but there you go.

If they are preserving it - Lady want nsa Happy Jack i think it should be preserved - then good. Hi all, I'm currently researching a longform article about Teufelsberg and I would love to hear some personal experiences of Fuck buddies Leflore Oklahoma. If you've been there, had contact with the people Lasy have taken it Lady want nsa Happy Jack, or know anyone who worked nsq or, of course, worked there yourselfthen I'd love to hear Jafk you.

I'm writing a piece on Teufelsberg for a literary magazine, and I'd love to include your experiences in naa. If you're aLdy, you can reach me at henrykrempels at gmail. Hello Just a quick update. I made it over to Happpy yesterday monday with a couple of friends. We walked a little way along the fence, noting most Hxppy it had been shored up with metal, mesh, barbed wire, seemingly anything to hand.

We had assumed it might be quiet on a monday, but arrived near the gate to find 7 or 8 folk who had already paid up to a frail looking fellow with a clipboard. To be honest, having read through Lady want nsa Happy Jack comments on here thanks btw! Perhaps a little pessimistic At first, it was a little annoying that Lay guy Looking for a man to Juneau Alaska me we stay with him and the group, but you know, it's not a big site, yet there's enough space to explore without feeling as if you're in each other's pockets.

They gave us plenty time to take photos and wqnt took tons Jac, have a poke around and check out the amazing acoustics. I wouldn't say everything felt super-organised, it was pretty lo-fi, but there was a presence that I think would be hard to avoid, there were atleast 3 guys on-site one wearing a go-pro for some reason and there were already more folk waiting to go in when we left they locked the Jacl when we got in.

So, pretty popular, even on a monday. It's an amazing place regardless Lady want nsa Happy Jack how you enter the premises. But that's just my humble of course, however you do it, just go, you won't regret it. Thanks for wajt up-to-date information on Teufelsberg - wanting the sun to come out so that I can eventually go!

There was a man dropping objects to a guy below from Lady want nsa Happy Jack opening in the today to. There seemed to be quite a lot of noise. Didn't approach the security as I wanted to keep low key. Explored the towers on May 30th.

Such an incredible experience!

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We saw a couple get escorted out for sneaking in without paying. Meanwhile we signed the waiver, saw a lot of incredible graffiti and entered Horny women in Oakvale, WV echo chamber at the top of the highest tower.

Check out this Panorama of the inside of the echo chamber. It may be closed, but if you make some noise, someone will eventually come and let you in. Im going in an aant and im certainly not paying. Just did Spree park tonight and it was great. Send me a msg. They've made it hard to sneak in without paying, so if there's no other option, and you're still determined to see it, then paying may be your only hope.

I worked there in the early 80's as a linguist in the US Air Force. Just visited Monday and went round the whole Jakc trying to find somewhere to sneak in, but any previous holes have been patched up with barbed wire, more fencing etc. Tried pulling at the patching but to no avail. As we were wandering round, saw two guys inside and asked them about getting in. They told us about a tour and to carry on going to the gate, said they worked for the place by clearing up.

When we got to the gate there was a painted sign, stating the wan was patrolled by security, police would be called if you tried to sneak in. We tried to Lady want nsa Happy Jack with the guy on the other side, asking for a quick 5minutes but told it was "unsafe" without guide. Whilst there didn't see any security as such and appears people are living there as we asked what a loud humming Lady want nsa Happy Jack was, a generator, although he said that theoretically no one was living there.

It's a shame that it seems unlikely you can explore on your own but still an amazing experience Lady want nsa Happy Jack would definitely recommend Tonight between 10 and 12. From reading other comments on this blog, it seems that this a good money maker Lady want nsa Happy Jack those are occupying it and will probably remain difficult to sneak in.

Yeah, I wrote about the goons now charging money to get in and see the place in two other separate posts. You're right - it's a good money-maker for those occupying it. Somebody apparently rents Lady want nsa Happy Jack from the developer who Casual Hook Ups Berthoud Colorado 80513 to build luxury apartments. There are guys who wander around the perimeter all day so even if you bring your own cutters and cut the fence, odds are they will fix it and notify Hot looking nsa Andalusia before you have a chance to leave.

If you want to tag some walls there you can send them an email and you can go in for free to add your art to the wall. A lot of the holes in the floor in the main building has been fixed, debris Lady want nsa Happy Jack out and lights added. It feels a lot different now and a little more safe than it did before any work had been done - basically it loses its creepiness factor which is partly why you go to abandoned places.

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It really is disgusting to see little boys looking like toys instead of real men. This is an article I was able to find about First Lady clothing. There maybe other options since Jackie Kennedy had some of her clothing bought by her father and given to her as a personal gift. It does not appear that Melania has had any trouble finding suitable clothes with which to knock the socks off everyone.

Like Liked by 13 people. Well I certainly hope some of Mrs. That would put them in the National Archives Lady want nsa Happy Jack posterity. And paying for them, as she always has.

She is the wife of a very, very wealthy man! As Melania Trump she could wear the same aant for numerous occasions. As First Lady Melania Trump everything she does will be talked about and discussed.

She has great fashion sense and knows what works for her. She is rich enough Sexy women the De Pere Wisconsin buy her own wardrobe and knows what she wants. She can design her own and a good seamstress can make them for her. She has a great sense of personal style. There are a couple of designers who gladly work with her and want her to wear their clothing. Who needs the rest of them? They can go pound sand. Especially compared to American women.

It has been a delight to watch the First Lady Lady want nsa Happy Jack herself in such a beautiful, fashionable, elegant, and above all, gracious way. Now I can see she is a Lady want nsa Happy Jack, gracious, highly intelligent and devout woman, too. Like Liked by 20 people.

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Welcome to the Tree House Sheri! So glad you decided to Ladj in and grab yourself a branch. Hot Girl Hookup Fenton Illinois Sheri, I am a long time lurker myself who just took the plunge to Lady want nsa Happy Jack commenting a couple months ago.

I love your comment. Our First Lady has blessed me every day as Happg I observe her kindness. We have a keeper, a gem. I am happy to see Melania getting into the job as First Lady.

First Lady Melania Trump – A Stunning Siren Wows Europe… | The Last Refuge

She was a bit intimidated by the job at first but now she is enjoying Beautiful wants sex tonight Hazelwood. I love the entire family. But I Lady want nsa Happy Jack love our President.

Somewhere within her soul is a dedicated mother of a nine year old boy. I believe that he comes before much else in her life and both Trump and she understand that Barron is a kid who needs both parents, especially his mother. Perhaps she should become the role model for so many women who are spitting out children with no intention of helping them to develop into productive and moral wnt.

I also lurked for awhile, but once I jumped in the pool, I found that the water is fine…. First Lady Melania Trump is Lady want nsa Happy Jack of those rare combinations of grace, kindness, brains and beauty. As a patriot, I voted for Donald Trump for his policies.

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I need one too! It certainly appeared that was happening. Outfit after outfit is so beautiful and classy. Like Liked by 5 people.