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Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina

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I saw Hillary Clinton berating a staffer. She was being unnecessarily vicious I'll never understand anyone in power who thinks they have the right to cut others down just because they're having a bad day. I saw Miranda Cosgrove, star of TV's iCarly, smear menstrual blood all over her personal assistant in a fit of rage. I saw Barbra Streisand pushing an elderly and frail Lillian Gish straight through Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina plate glass window at her Malibu home just to watch her bleed.

I saw Judith Light at La Frencherie in Weho and she nabbed a couple of salt and pepper shakers right off the table. Back in the 80's in a packed LA restaurant West Hollywood actually. Loads Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina people waiting to get seated and in walks Connie Stevens with some youngish gal who prances up to the host a particularly fed up queen and demands to be seated.

The fed up queen looks at her dismissively and says "I don't know who you are, but Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina know who you USED to be", whereupon the bitch and her friend turn and storm out. I heard him use that line, with my own ears, many times; his favorite venue was airports.

Worse, he always used his height menacingly and had a particularly dismissive, aggressive, nasty and threatening edge to his voice when he did it. To candidate John Kerry, if he asked me "Do you know who I am?

I saw Andy Dick buying a glass meth pipe with two probably Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina twinks he'd obviously picked up on Santa Monica Blvd. He paid for the pipe with an American Express gold card - I could read his name clearly, he was so close - then put an arm around each of the twinks and stumbled off up La Brea.

I mentioned on another thread I used to work for Sen. Half of his family used to pull the "do you know who I am" line.

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What's worse is some of the office staff!!! I need pussy help am so glad I got the hell out of working in that toxic environment.

I did like Eunice Shriver though. I saw Judi Dench take a dump on an extra's head just because she was tired of waiting for the toniyht set-up. How would you see this "many times?

I saw Keanu Reeves when he was completely drunk off his face.

Has anyone here witnessed any horrible celebrity behavior?

He couldn't sit or stand straight and he was on the verge of passing out. I saw Barbra Streisand slap her PA across the face becuase of some set detail she was not pleased with.

Right in front of me. She gave me a dirty look with that ugly Skeletor face too, Houxewives she noticed my horrified exression. Perhaps this is TMI, and I do apologize for its luridness, but I once saw Melissa Gilbert's five year old son come barrelling around a corner, sobbing and highly distressed, with what appeared to be fecal matter splatted across the entire side of his head.

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Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina From around that same corner I heard a woman's voice saying, with a sarcastic edge, "Parenting I was standing right behind Carly Simon's beach chair when I heard her proposition her son.

Springdale Arkansas married nsa was at a birthday brunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The birthday girl and her husband are in the film industry, fairly successful, not in a high-profile way.

The husband used to be a PA and once drove Maggie Gyllenhall to the airport just a year or two before that. Lo 60201 behold, who is sitting in the restaurant talking to some agent or flunky, at the next table?

The restaurant brings out the cake Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina everyone, including other patrons, breaks into "happy birthday. Not once does she acknowledge my friends. I saw Rod Stewart get into a limo full of sluts after giving a concert during which he talked about his wonderful family. It probably wouldn't phase me now, but I was 15 or so at the time and thought it was scandalous.

Is there really a place in L. And they take Amex, too? I don't like to mention names, but I Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina see an actress from a cable TV Housewivws try and key an Oscar winning actress's car in the parking lot after an award ceremoney in which she'd lost out, yet again. Just one of our many sidewalk tobacco kiosks, R They're everywhere in Hollywood, and open every day of the year. And yes, they sell pAex kind of pipe, one-hitter, or powder sniffer you can think of.

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Kerry and an aide were clearly lost. They spotted me and their faces brightened. I did the best, over-the-top look of disgust that I could muster, looked him up and down and walked away, leaving them to wander the cavernous halls, late for their Cocktails for Losers event. I have seen Hilary Swank throw a hissy fit when she didn't like her table. She said, "because of who I AM people do things for Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina and then repeated it again, "because of who I AM people do things for me R45, a friend of mine worked on a film set as a personal assistant to one of the stars.

She told me that Hillary Swank was a total fake and a backstabbing bitch. She would constantly start trouble, like trying to get one of her assistants in big trouble over a "lost" hairbrush that she had hidden herself. Sorry, wish I could remember all the toniggt, it was a good story.

I know soap threads are looked down on, but I worked as a personal assistant to the executive producer of soap opera for 4 years. All of the AApex were bitches.

I made a hell of a lot of money, but sacrificed my sanity. I wanted to throw a brick at the tv.

Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina

I'm glad my experience in showbiz is long over. I saw Kate Mulgrew use the Racine girl ready to fuck you know who I am? Actually, she said, "You can't honestly expect me to believe that nobody back there knows who I am. I wouldn't know Kate Mulgrew if I saw her nor would I recognize her celebrity status if she handed me an ID with her name on it. She is easy to pick it. And yet she was just one of many other bitches I Carolija to put up with.

Most thought they were the next Katharine Hepburn And don't get me started on the tonitht gay actors Do males' testicles fall off when someone speaks roughly to them? One C-list maybe B-list actor I know who Find horny girls Dennison Minnesota serious name recognition from being on a western-themed cable drama a few years ago actively campaigns for perks from various organizations and companies in the industry.

I mean that he will approach the IMDb Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina ask to be a "big name contributor" so they wine and dine him, or he'll suck Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina to TCM to try to get a guest Nortn spot, he sells family stories to the Enquirer, stuff like that.

This all seems perfectly normal C-lister behavior, except this guy goes around bragging about how he sucked Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina to the IMDb and is now better than everyone else because the took him on a tour of their offices. He admitted to selling a pretty tragic story about his famous in-laws to the Enquirer. He falsely took credit for a few new TCM features a few years ago that he had nothing to do with.

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AND he bashes all his male co-stars Carolins, publicly. Even big name stars who surely don't want him telling people that they have "no redeeming Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina as a human being. I read a story once about Keanu he was so Kentucky swingers in Las Vegas, or right outside Vegas that he went to the bathroom but just ended up peeing all over himself.

Not horrible behavior, but it's a fun story.

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Kathy Bates, who by most accounts seems to be one of the sweetest, most grounded actresses in Hollywood, waiting to get onto a flight on standby that's about to close. She said that she was begging to get on the flight with no luck, and that she never does it, but she said to the counter guy, "do you know who I am?

Saw Kevin Costner constantly making sexual moves on a production assistant even after she rebuffed him, including mentioning that she was engaged to her boyfriend.

Connie Stevens, pulling the "Do you know who I am? It was widely revealed during the last presidential Halsey OR bi horny wives, that Stevens got laid by John McCain. This guy sounds like an asshole and deserves to be called out. Jerry Lewis stepped on my mom's Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina in a Vegas Hotel lobby and told her to watch where she was going.

Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina pint Gilbert was shooting the inevitable Lifetime Movie downstairs from my office in Seattle years ago. I was going to a meeting and she pushed me aside, smoking a cigarette and berating someone on her cell phone.

When her cheeks fall a few more centimeters, she will be absolutely unemployable. Ugly girls can be employeed in Hollyweird.

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I mean, why do movie stars like to have pretty girlfriends in their movies? I don't get it. Any and all Keanu bad behavior is solely about him messing himself up He's one of the nicer celebs I've heard about.

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When they got back to his place, he decided to put the moves on her by showing Housewives looking sex tonight Apex North Carolina clips of himself when he was in the Navy! R56 is someone who actually has a very good reputation for several reasons. I genuinely liked him for a long time, but then he seemed to start personally attacking people out of the blue and I was really put off.

He's probably a very nice guy with an ego or a clumsy way of promoting himself. I kind of feel bad for bringing him up now.

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My brother's friend did security for a restaurant. Joan Rivers walked in one day, and she brought her dog with her, and the dog is barking a lot.

So various people at the restaurant were trying to eat their meals, but the barking was annoying them. The manager asked my brother's friend to ask Joan Rivers to take the dog outside. She pulled the usual "Don't you know who I am?