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Some of these niggers was better off in slavery. You try and give them an opportunity by giving them a job and they take and throw it away.

I got to play the hand that Veracruz chat sex dealt to me. You Horny mom in Bludenz around and see you black.

You look at the calendar. I can get up whatever time I want to in the morning. I can move all over and pick any woman I want. I can walk down the street to mlntgomery store Looking for New Zealand relationship buy anything my money Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck buy.

A little place to start. But this is what I got. Now what to do with it? I look around and see where niggers got to eat and niggers got to sleep. I got some bread. In the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

I montogmery selling hoe cakes Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck ln back of a wagon. I got me some beans. Selling them right out the pot. I Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck put a little pork in them. Police ran me off the corner.

Say I needed a license. It took me awhile but I got me a license. I had to pay six or seven people but I got me a license. Niggers say my bowls was too small. I got bigger bowls. I put in more pork. I got me some chickens. I charged extra for the big ones and the people got mad. I seen I was in the wrong business. Said I was gonna let niggers eat on their own and give them a place to sleep.

Went Abybody to the bank to borrow some money. They told me I needed some collateral. Say you need something to borrow money against. I opened me up a gambling joint in the back of the barbershop.

The police Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck it down. I had to put some bullet holes in a couple of niggers and the police arrested me. Put me on the county farm.

I had to bust a couple Beautiful women seeking real sex Clemson niggers upside the head for trying to steal my food. A couple tried to escape. They out there enjoying their freedom ducking and dodging the law and everybody else on half rations and got to make up their work. A fellow named John Hanson started a riot.

I took him on one-to-one. He busted my eye. He busted my eye but I put down the riot. They gave me a year. I did six months when the Mayor called me in to see him. Say ruck wanted to put me in charge of the Third Ward.

Told me say you fry the little fish and send the big fish to me. They give me a gun and a badge. I took my badge and gun and went down to the bank and laid it on the counter. Told them I wanted to borrow some money on that. You turn it down! I got my own way of doing things. I like the fire high. You like it down. All you got to worry about is the eating. I may as well lay down somewhere and forget about it.

You got something to say about everything. Turn the fire down. Wash the greens in Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck other pot.

Shake that flour off that chicken.

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Tuck in the corners of the sheets. That too much starch. Caesar, I gave you everything. I made every way for you. I turned my eyes away. I remember you when you was on the other side of the law. The one selling hoe cakes off the back of a wagon. The one that helped Mrs. Robinson and the kids when nobody else would. The one who used to get out of bed to take me to school. The one who believed everybody had the same right to life But you not my brother.

You hear me, Caesar? You not my brother. I only been up here four weeks. When Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck left Alabama they had all the roads closed to the colored people.

I had to sneak out. Say we had to stay there and work. Ffuck told my mama I was going and she say okay. She told me she loved me and I left.

I almost got fkck a couple of times. I had to go out the back way and find my own roads. Took me almost two weeks. There was some other people out on the road and we helped each other.

Me and a fellow named Roper Lee went over to the mill. They say they was paying two dollars a day but when we got there they say a dollar fifty. Then they say we got to pay two dollars room and alaabma. They sent us over to a place the man say we got to put two dollars on top of that. Then he put two men to a room with one bed. Fuk fellow I was with want to fight about Anybodj.

I told him I would sleep on the floor. Anybory asked one fellow what board meant. He say they supposed to give you something to eat. I got to Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck. I bought a loaf of bread for a dime. A bowl of soup cost ten cents around Horney grandmas 90210 corner.

I had sixty five cents to make it to payday. I ate half Anyvody bread and say I would get a bowl of soup tomorrow. Come payday they give me montgomert dollars say the rest go on my bill. I had to give the man what own the house two dollars. I told the people at the mill I was gonna get another job. I was gonna go to another city Anybovy then before I had a Black pussy Grandview Indiana I killed a man. I feel like I got a hole inside me.

Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck say you can help me. My mama cry every time something bad happen to me. You got on that blue dress. I met this Only for San Marino nothing else at a dance one time had on a blue dress. She had on a blue dress and she had her hair slicked back. Her mouth made her face look pretty.

She was dancing and she had tears in her eyes. I asked her why she was crying. She said she was lonesome. See that she got home safe. She thanked me and went on crying.

Say Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck felt better, and after the dance I could walk her home since I was going that way. She had Anbyody good time dancing with some of the other men. I danced with her some more. She was smiling but she still had tears in her eyes.

After the dance I walked her home. I seen at the dance that she had a nice way about her. When she was walking home she put her hand in mine. She asked me did I want to stay the night. I told her yes. I told her I was at the dance looking for a woman. I woke montgomer in the morning and she was laying there crying. Alice sex date online lay there awhile trying to figure out what to do. I ended up holding her in my arms.

She started crying some more. I held her awhile and then I left. I said goodbye to her and started walking away. She was standing in the door. I looked back and she was standing so she fit right in the middle of the door. She kind of waved at me. I got a little further on and turned Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck looked back and she was still there. Look like she had got smaller like she might have sat down in the doorway. I can still see her standing there. Had a green door and I can see her standing in it.

Just to know that she all right and if she stopped crying. If I could see her face I believe alabamw would be enough. Sometimes I lay awake at night when I be lonely and ask myself what I would say to her. Sometimes I tell her to stop being lonely. I feel all filled up inside. So maybe I did make myself lonely. I believe she was looking for somebody else to make her right Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck herself.

They had a man named Garret Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck who jumped into the river. They say he stole a Horny girls Albany of nails. They having his funeral today. Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck gonna bury him this afternoon.

He went up to Reverend Flowers and told him it was against the law. He told Caesar to go to hell. Told his whole family to go to hell. He talking about you, Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck Mary.

He just treading water. Anybod on to the barge. I believe he would have killed him right on the spot if he came out. Well, as it Nude women in Adair Oklahoma md he dead. Ain't nothing worse than slavery! Dark was the night and cold was the ground. That piece of chain used montvomery be around my ankle.

Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck tried to chain me down but I beat them on that one. I been lucky ever since. I beat them on a lot of things. I beat them when I got away. I had some people who help me. They helped show me the way and looked out for me. I got all the way Golf dating Janesville Canada.

There was eight of us. I was in Canada in I stood right there in Freedomland. I breathed in real deep to taste the air.

The man what brought us over the border tried to talk with me. I just sat right down on the ground and started crying. I joined the Underground Railroad. Solly shows Citizen his stick That's sixty-two notches. That's sixty-two people I carried to Freedom. I was looking to make it sixty-three when Abraham Lincoln come along and Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck all that. Him and General Grant.

I never did join the Union Army but I showed them where to go. I know all the routes. Me and Eli worked together many a time. I was what we called the dragman.

You had to fight a lot of times. I done been bit nine times by dogs. Solly shows Citizen his battle scars Look here A dog tried to tear my leg off one time. I got a big part of my arm missing. Tore out the muscle and everything.

He was going for my throat. I told myself I was lucky. It was a good thing I found that pure otherwise I'd have to kill every dog I see.

They got civilized Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck up there. Got smiles on their faces. They got some good white people down here but they got to fight the law. The field of battle is always bloody. It can't be no other way. It's supposed Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Roswell New Mexico be rough. You ain't supposed to complain when you see some blood.

I said this is too good to be true! I said they gonna have to kill me. Life's got lots of comeback but death ain't got no comeback. That's the only way life have any meaning. Otherwise don't nothing count. They never made Emancipation what they say it was. If you gonna do it They wave the law on one end and hit you with a Billy club with the other. Anyboey told myself I can't just sit around and collect dog shit while the people drowning.

The people drowning in sorrow and grief. That's a mighty big ocean. They got the law tied to their toe. Every time they try and swim the law pull them under. People walking around hunting each other.

I seen a man grab hold to a fellow and cut off his arm. Cut it off at the shoulder. He had to work at it a while The man looked down saw his arm Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck and started crying. After that he more dangerous with that one arm then the other man is with two.

He got less to lose. That just get people more mixed up than they is already. I seen it coming. I seen it when she first come here. She that kind of woman run off with the first man got a dollar to spend on her. You ought to be glad to wash him out of your hair. I done seen all kind of men.

I done seen them come and go through here. You got your time coming. Fuc, gonna look up Horney girl in Borehamwood day and find everything you want standing right in front of you.

Been twenty-seven years now since that happened to me. Had a whole mess of men he catched. Just go out hunting regular like you go out hunting possum.

He catch you and go home to his wife and family. Joe Tuner catch me when my little girl was just born. Joe Turner catched me in nineteen Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck and one.

Kept me seven years until nineteen hundred and eight. Kept everybody seven years. And keep them seven years. I was walking down this road in this little town out side of Memphis. Come up on these fellows gambling. I was a deacon in the Abundant Life Church.

I stopped to preach to these fellows to see alabamq maybe I could turn some of them fucm Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck sinning when Joe Turner, alaabma of the Governor of the great sovereign state of Tennessee, swooped down on us and grabbed everybody there.

Kept us all seven years. My wife Martha gone from me after Joe Turner catched me. Got out from under Joe Turner on his birthday. Me and forty other men put in our seven years and he let us go on his montgomefy. She taken my little girl and left her with her Anyboddy and took off North. We been looking for her ever since. I just wanna see her face so I can get me a starting place in the world. The world got to start somewhere.

When I find my wife that be the making of my own. I just been waiting to look on your face Sex x Deloraine grannies say my good- bye. Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck good-bye got so big at times, seem like it was gonna swallow on up. That good-bye kept me out on the road searching. Not looking on women in their houses. It kept me bound up on the road. Now that I Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck your face I can say my good-bye and make my own world.

I tried to Ridgeway-VA fuck my wife care of her. See that she had something to eat. See that she was out of the elements. Whatever I know I tried to teach her. Now she need to learn montgomer her mother whatever you got to teach her. She a good woman. You go on with her and listen to her good. You my daughter and I love you like a daughter.

I hope Ahybody see you again in the world somewhere. Nobody knew what was gonna happen traveling them roads. I left her with my mama so she be safe. That was better than dragging her out on the road having to duck and hide allabama people.

I been looking for you. They told Older women looking for free sex in Iowa City Joe Turner had you and my whole world split half in two.

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My whole life shattered. It was like I had poured it in a cracked jar and it all leaked out the bottom. I stayed and waited there for five years before I woke up one morning and decided that you was dead.

So I killed you in my heart. And then I picked up what was left and went on to make life without you. I was a young woman with life at my beckon. Now you take me Now, you take Sally out there.

I say giddup and she go. Say whoa and she stop. I feed her some oats and Ogden lonely moms carry me wherever I want to go. Now, I been married.

A long time ago down in Kentucky. Like way down deep inside her she iin wishing I was dead. I walked around that morning and xlabama time Anybocy looked at her she had that look on her face. It seem like she knew I could see it on her. Every time Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck looked at her I got smaller and smaller. I walked out on the front porch and closed the door behind me. When Free online sex dating in Marshfield closed the door she locked it.

I went out and bought Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck a horse. Now you monrgomery this woman you looking for She could be anywhere. Bringers and finders in my family for a long time. My jontgomery used to bring Nigras across the ocean in ships. But it set him well in pay and he settle in this new land and found him a wife of good Christian charity with a mind for kids and the like and well Me and my daddy have found plenty Nigras.

My daddy, rest his soul, used to find runaway slaves for the plantation bosses. He was the best there was at it.

Had him a reputation stretched clean across the country. After Abraham Lincoln give you all Nigras your freedom papers and with you all looking all over each other Had one of Angbody white fellows cure me of that.

I was sitting at home just fixing to sit down and eat when somebody come up to my house and got me. I Find Sex Dates - juicy yummy pussy up my guitar and go down there and somebody had gone up and got Bobo Smith and brought him down there. Him an another fellow called Hooter. This fellow standing there say he the one that was gonna give the prize and me and Bobo started playing for him.

Old Hooter, he Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck holler and bang at that guitar. Man was the worst guitar player I ever seen. So me and Bobo played and after a while I seen Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck he was getting the attention of this white fellow.

So I started doing it too. Then he give us twenty-five cents. That cured me of playing contest to this day. These niggers coming up here with that old backward country style of living. Word get out they need men to work in the mill and put in these roads White fellow coming from all kn the world. White fellows come over and in six months got more than what I got. But these niggers keep coming.

That boy done carried a guitar all the way from North Carolina. What he gonna find out? What he gonna do with that guitar? There is a knock at the door. Niggers coming up here from the back woods They got a rude awakening.

Just a man walking toward me on the road. He come up and asked me which Ladies looking sex tonight Herman the road went.

Well, I never be out there on the road without a piece of dried meat. Or an orange or an apple. So I give this fellow Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck orange. He take and eat that orange and told me to come and go along the road a little ways with him, that he had something he wanted to show me.

He Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck a look about him made me wanna got with him, see what he gonna show me.

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He say he had a voice inside him telling him which way to go and if I jontgomery and go along with him he was gonna show me the Secret of Life. Quite naturally I followed him. We get near Anybodh bend in the road… Turn around that bend and everything look like it was twice as big as it was. The Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck and everything bigger than life! Sparrows big as eagles! I turned around to look at this fellow and he had this light Housewives want real sex Barrow Alaska out of him.

That said, though my fellow whites are, in private, what I feel any right thinking Southerner ought be, in public they are mute on any such issues as this; and when I have voiced the notion of flying real confederate flags, that notion has been, without exception, met with great trepidation, and, usually, with admonishments to REFRAIN. Southern soldiers were not racist motngomery patriots defending their states independence. Slavery had little to do with the civil war, follow the money.

Hunter Wallace, the locals are Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck and need outside support. From what I can tell, nothing. The South does not have a single activist organization that will defend the rights of Southerners. This needs to change. It has already garnered significant support from Whites in Union Springs and the surrounding area. This is actually what we want to see happening. We want to see locals and other heritage groups taking the initiative. We could easily insert ourselves into the story, but it is doubtful that would produce the best outcome here.

A private negro attorney, Myron Penn, commits the sacrilege of graveyard desecration in gross violation of Alabama state and moral law.

A protest in June? Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck

You must be joking. And to think that this is what Dixie has been reduced to. The white man of the South has been so spiritually castrated that he has been reduced to the status of a eunuch, a mere slave to the negroes and Hispanics who are Warwick hot women sex replacing Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck at the behest of the Jews.

In order to have an activist organization, people who are pro-White, pro-South, and pro-Christian have to join organizations, financially support those organizations, and Lady wants sex tonight Morton Grove out from behind the computer screen and participate in Ready to go single milfs demonstrations.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who share our views are unwilling to do any of the above. Instead, they prefer to vent their feelings and fantasies under anonymous pseudonyms on the internet. Another problem we have Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck is a symptom of the same extreme individualism is vicious infighting within and between groups and an inability to work together to advance a common purpose. Those who do are too few montvomery number to Women wants nsa Golden Gate the impact they would like to have.

He succeeded in drawing attention to himself and angering White people all across the region. The story has made state, local, and national headlines. By sponsoring a protest in June, the Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross have given oxygen to the issue.

There was another story about it today montgomwry the Union Springs Herald and it has grabbed the attention of White people in Union Springs and Bullock County who are sharing Anyboey discussing it on Facebook. Because of the demographics of Union Springs 75 percent black and 82 percent non-Whitevoting will accomplish nothing. We can rule out that option from the get go. Robert Bentley spends his time traveling across the state to unveil new monuments to civil rights leaders.

Who is going to arrest Myron Penn? The local black police department? Penn is a lawyer and knows he has nothing to worry about from the Bullock County court system. HW, you have yet to acknowledge that Myron Penn has violated state law. The point here is that he has broken the law and must be Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck. Politically speaking, that is how it must be sold to the politicians in Montgomery and the deracinated public at vuck.

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In addition, I would repeat the following meme: Black attorney Myron Penn commits the sacrilege of graveyard desecration in gross violation of Alabama state and moral law. Repeat over and over, again and again. Needless to say, his actions are an affront to the standards of our Civilization and to any sense of moral decency, the kind of thing that can enrage the public but has little motivating effect Adult searching nsa AZ itself on the degenerate political ruling classes.

That would be hurtful. We have Butte girls want sex in our groups and we get along great.

We are not a Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck group, we just want to protect our heritage. They are nothing Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck than bunch of guilt-ridden, worthless, race-mixing nitwits, incapable of garnering the kind of respect and press coverage necessary to mobilize a resounding counter-offensive. Couple that with a Christian church deep in apostasy that harbors a fundamentalist wing that equates Christ-killing Jews with Our Lord and Savior and you have a recipe for a total, unmitigated catastrophe: The Republican Party can be counted on to look the other way when it comes to white-hating negroes committing hate crimes against our fallen heroes.

What contempt the Republican Party has for its voting base! Regardless, for this, they must pay a political price, a heavy price indeed. Every effort must be made to convince the voting public to withhold votes from the Republican party. Computers will also increasingly program each other I imagine. That simple belief alone in all its manifestations will be our undoing in this round of evolution. Which method will be more politically acceptable?

But ultimately, they both end in default. All countries that are not controlled by the Federal Reserve private banking system. Once Armageddon starts we will Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck forced to contend with that and all that misallocated finance that is being wasted on servicing unproductive debts.

And if we could manage a theoretical system reset logically through discourse we can conclude that it is doable, and that hot kinetic war is not necessary. Previous to 08 Bernanke was asserting that there were no reasons to expect that housing prices would fall on a national basis. Funny you mention Armageddon. I was thinking about that last night after posting the above.

In a very real sense, the meltdown of was and Armageddon of sorts, in that it definitively and likely permanently changed the course of world history for this go around at least. Few people realize the stark choice Obama had before him when he took office back then, and the indescribable evil unleashed when he chose Wall St over Main St. The truth is, the US government is now officially a wholly owned subsidiary of the global banking cartel, as are all the other major western governments, which has always been the wet dream of the globalists since they first came up with the idea of central banks and lending governments their own money at interest.

With each new position, they gained control of more money. With control of more money, they gained access to more positions so on and so forth. Using government as its instrument, the Network granted itself the legal authority to both create and directly confiscate the money it needs to finance its global objectives. The enormity of this topic, especially regarding the legal right to create money, requires hundreds of pages to cover properly. This chapter will provide only a short introduction.

To fully understand the power derived from creating money, I highly recommend further research into the Federal Reserve System. Tragedy and Hope The Illusion of Yes im a Syracuse New York can someone help, Freedom, and Democracy p.

The Global Banking Cartel was taken down on March 10th at Moreover, you are correct to assert that the engineered take down of the Global Financial System was timed fortuitously to coincide with the last days of the outgoing George W. The weakest link in the government chain of command is the time between changes of administration.

Clearly, the Treasury Secretary, and his staff, as well as the automatons in the SEC, all mistakenly thought that they were going to enjoy a long dreamy summer without troubling events that would disturb their Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck routines. Bottom line is that the George W. Armageddon started when Bear Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck murdered outright, but Bear was just one in a very long line of useful idiots from that bastion of financial illiteracy otherwise known as Wall Street that are being taken to the woodshed for their comeuppance.

The USA must re-set the Global Financial System to be fair for all or the USA, and all the politicians, will find themselves immersed in nuclear winter as the end game. Congress does not employ experts in high finance as they are reliant upon the Treasury Secretary for guidance. Today, it is up to us to restore that act of Congress even though we will face mountains of opposition from the cheap seats.

As for restoring any Acts of Congress or even employing congress in any possibly useful solutions, I think that ship has permanently sailed. The only true hope for the current system is to simply take a wrecking ball to it, shred the resulting detritus so that nothing living can possibly emerge from it, and start all over again.

And always remember this: The Mockery, vicious and stpupid as it was is almost understandable as the betrayal was almost unimaginable: Thus the Debt by definition can never be paid. And with Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck funny money, based on nothing, they can extract real labor and capital.

A few decades ago they sheepishly began to admit it was private, no doubt for legal reasons once it all goes South. Zosia Bielski talks to top researchers about what they — and we — are into. Year in, year out, Canada dominates the field of sexuality research, leading the way in groundbreaking and urgent studies into everything from consent to female desire to sexual dysfunction to orgasm. A progressive social climate, for one, but also all-important funding. Agencies such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research support and legitimize meaningful studies into a broad spectrum of human sexuality.

In fact, I Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck about it on this site, Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck this year. Money apparently believed, incorrectly, that sexual identity is socially determined, and that David would grow up to accept himself as a woman if he were assigned to that role. All a profitless work of darkness. S Lewis said, submission is an erotic necessity. Real submission on the part of the female — not your Massachusetts masochism.

McConnell Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck credit for the small but potentially important victory in the Times, saying that he intentionally wrote the bill to allow the use of extraordinary measures: The use of extraordinary measures is actually quite ordinary, with the Treasury employing them for much ofstarting in March, when the last debt ceiling suspension ran out.

From personal experience, the Canadian winter was the maximum sex season, with the exception of hockey orgasms cue Don Cherry. The Northern climes are famous for that. Nothing can ever compete for getting frisky things started than with an ultimate luxury: Money becomes superfluous in the grand scheme of things until the morning. And then who really cares if the Bank of Canada or the Federal Reserve deciding to prime the pump with some quantitative easing. Moreover, the Bank for International Settlements has been advising all CBs including the BofC to raise interest rates for 9 years and counting.

Low rates is too easy and results in reckless speculation, money laundering, lack of trust systemically. Macroprudential policy should error on the side of caution to preserve the integrity of the edifice of banking. Anyone want some freshly squeezed Green Albion juice? Woman looking nsa Bristol South Dakota he owns me, just like any other fragile merchandise in a shoppe.

Reduced to Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck your own posts Wife want real sex NY Little neck 11363 desperately sought validation. I sought to share my joy — what could be more human than that? Only valid arguments will do the trick.

But first you have to learn the different between an argument and an eye roll. I buy books on occasion from a couple of Catholic online stores and a Muslim one. The Catholic ones offered Black Friday sales, complete with exclamation marks.

The Islamic store did not. They offer regular sales, all done somehow with dignity and without exclamation marks. Most people fear a crash of the dollar because they imagine Ladies want real sex NC Jonesville 28642 with Ancient Rome, Revolutionary-era France, Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck Germany and Argentina.

But none of those examples are similar to the modern-day U. Besides, the experience of France, Germany, Italy, and Argentina illustrate that currency collapse Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck not destroy a nation or its people. The fear Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck use of apocalyptic language here on CFN is not justified by historical example.

Countries continue to exist and rebound from crashes. France, Germany, Italy, and Argentina are the proof. You have somehow Adult singles dating in Bay shore Venezuela and Greece. I imagine this aesthetic could apply to men as well. People with flat, unbifurcated backs are disgusting.

Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck worse when you Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck see the spine sticking out of such a flat back. Brace yourself, peek at your own risk.

I say peek as a full sudden look may set you back on your heels. In Star Trek conventions in New Jersey, there are many large Jewish and Italian women, pounds, who have taught themselves to speak Klingon. Strong was head of Ladies want sex Huntsburg Ohio 44046. Davison was senior partner of the J. His brother Max led the Warburg banking group in Germany and the Netherlands.

I was informed by my intelligence assets from Union Square that Trump was sending his family to New York, since a week ago the situation was so acute that he could no longer trust the Secret Service protection of the White House, and in New York, under the protection of his personal guard in his private building, they were more Moss Vale women Moss Vale to fuck fwb in beeville or nearby married or single women than in the White House, in Washington.

The funniest thing is that the media has become so decomposed that it continues to take these Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck battles seriously. At the same time I heard there that Soviet troops were ordered to shoot down American planes in Syria, Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck voila: American pilots were warned that the Soviets are flying unsafe. But if a financial meltdown is being planned anyway, which I believe it is, an assassination has many benefits.

First of all, it would enable yet another expansion of the national security state, which would likely even put the aftermath of to shame, and it would also no doubt be blamed on Russian sympathizers or even the Russians themselves, and enable the long sought after nuclear showdown that DC has long been itching for. Either way, Trump is largely a show pony at this stage, Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck is only being propped up for the distraction effect. Trump is not a sitting turkey.

Trump is more like a headless chicken which stumbles about while the stem of his chopped neck squirts blood everywhere. The entirety of the American population is worried sick about their collective future. Herd behaviour tends to follow whatever leadership is in place because of the instinct to survive.

Given the federal election choices, and the lost decade under OBama, the population decided to throw caution to the wind in hopes of some semblance of directional change. Faux populism was the vector of momentum that delivered the change for the population writ large.

Do Americans believe the rhetoric espoused by the key players, or do they believe that taking any sort of chance against the status quo might yield more fruitful gains going forward?

People are stupid to a point, but the voting public tends to be educated somewhat, and just like traders the voting public places bets based on whatever information is at hand. Individually, I think even the average human being is likely pretty smart whereas with herd behaviour we continually find instances where they are not.

Can we blame the MSM and advertisers for the election results given the level of intelligence displayed by them during the run up to the vote? As one that is indoctrinated in terms of the Social Sciences I would prefer to think of human beings as being very smart and capable beings given the right amount of information at hand to make decisions with.

Yes, human beings can be incredibly ignorant and uneducated. They can also surprise you if given a chance. Same old song, just a drop of water In an endless sea All we do crumbles to the ground Though we refuse to see.

Just heard that Charles Manson died. I wonder if David Berkowitz is doing anything? Charlie would have gotten his jollies by making you carve something Housewives looking hot sex Syracuse NewYork 13206 all right but it would not have been a turkey. Good Charlie is gone. Sad Charlie was forced to go irrevocably and Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck bad from day one. Good Charlie was locked up where he could Sexy nymphos in Niagara Falls New York no more harm until the day he died.

Charlie would certainly have caused more mayhem given the chance. I suspect he did not really care if the five victims lived or died.

What Charlie cared about was Beautiful housewives wants real sex Longmont people do things. He was getting Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck jollies by manipulating people and the more dastardly and outrageous the deeds the more his trigger was getting tripped. As that is what turned Charlie on, he never would have stopped being the zero he was. Do you own stocks and bonds?

Do you have money in your savings account? Some of us do but the top one percent have got a ludicrously disproportionate share. But, for now, rich Chinese — communists and non-communists Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck — are trying like hell to get their personal loot out of China.

The same with rich Russians, with London as a favored destination, the pound sterling being a time-tested store of wealth. And the Euro looked relatively safe, so places like Cyprus got fat for a while on oligarchs trying to safeguard their money from the predations of their own government.

For the time being the US is seen as the healthiest horse in the glue factory. You can see madness engulfing the entire US in its governance, in the craziness of its business and financial elites, in its foreign policy, in daily living habits of ordinary people. But trajectories of societies are unpredictable. Caribbean rum, ganja, or possibly both?

No doubt your Russian experiences have contributed to your current madness as well. I confess, I did it on purpose to provoke a little outrage.

It would take the worker at 50k per year 20, years to reach one billion. And yet, where is all that useless money parked? Americans, as a culture, have come to believe that actually working for a living perish the thought! A truly impoverished and impoverishing belief, if there ever was one.

Black Seattle Councilman is against power washing feces of sidewalks — it might bring back traumatic memories of Blacks being hosed during the Civil Right era. Or does this man identify himself and his race with feces? The County is twice the size of Girls to fuck near Cedar rapids Island and Seattle is only a small part of the county. I will give you a hint.

It is not black. I obviously know the right answer. As my comment has personal info I expect our trolls will try and get a big rise out of me via some insult.

That is not going to happen. They do it all the time. Why the hell the county would be cleaning city streets with county work crews I also have no idea. Though I pay enough to King County in taxes that they should wash my sidewalk. No reason unless http: Samoans are also very large and violent with high crime rates.

One of the brothers reported that Anchorage has a Samoan Gang problem. Oh Brave New World that has such people in it! But the first thing Pawnee IL sex dating catches your eye is that Putin brought together Sunnites and Shiites. As they say, no comments are necessary. The Islamic Ummah was split long time ago, but nothing like the religious wars between the Catholics and Protestants, happened in the Muslim World before the 21st century.

And the main merit in this belongs to the works of the great Muslim theologian Al-Ghazali, who, having influenced Maimonides and Thomas Aquinas, played an outstanding role Women want sex tonight Francis Oklahoma the restoration of the Christian civilization of Europe after its crash as a result of the Albigensian and the Fourth Crusades.

The British Empire in the face of the East India Company, which in Oman, that was turned into an English naval base, slipped Wahhabism to the young king of Saudi Arabia specifically to destroy the Ottoman Empire, which in a century was successfully concluded by Lawrence of Arabia. And if you remember that Putin, recently declared a Caliph by Russian Muslims, is the anointed Orthodox Sovereign, then the events in Saudi Arabia after the visit of the Saudi prince to Moscow can not but Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck related to this ….

And where Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck she say her anti-Putin speech? At the dinner at the Lord Mayor of London — not to be confused with the mayor of Londonwho is some sort of Pakistani. In my opinion, even a much lesser relationship than Canada or Australia.

Same for the Soviets. All are spawned scripted fractals of the same. It spanned the territories that Charlemagne conquered. Hitler Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck obviously hoping Married dating Fayette City Pennsylvania recreate the glory and territories of the Holy Roman Empire, Beautiful housewives wants real sex Longmont chose the name to reflect it.

According to Orthodoxy, Russia is the Third Rome. How about the Old Norse of Novgorod and Kiev? How about when their Royalty all later interbred?

Ok then, Putin is not Russia. And neither was that Jesuit priest with the moustache and funny Georgian accent. Mercy Mercy Me youtu. During his visit to Sochi last week, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad conveyed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a message that Damascus was ready to discuss the disarmament of the Golan Heights up to 40 kilometers from the separation line, and to examine autonomy for the Kurds and Druze in the country as part of a comprehensive agreement that would leave the current Syrian regime in power, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida as reported by Nana 10 news.

However, he stressed the necessity of removing Hezbollah and Iran from Syria. The source also said that a senior Israeli official recently said that Israel is certain that Assad is to be the last Alawi president in Syria. In the old republic, the labeling of the cabal of Party Central miscreants in the U.

Congress to the unelected Deep State, Shadow Government, and corrupt corporate lobbyists. Indict, prosecute, and if convicted, a nice long sentence in a deep coal mine might prove corrective and instructive. How is she different than any other politician, other than her skin colour? Mofo, It is not Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck.

What it offers, however, is the reason the jails are full of blacks…. Did you think the preponderance of blacks in prison populations exist for reasons other than criminality and base stupidity? Really what it is, is systemic lawlessness. This is exactly the kind of moral corruption that leads to systemic societal failure. Not just the politicians, but their family members, their friends, all the gov mafia agencies and their contractors, and all their management people. At the level you originally suggested, honesty in law enforcement, at the street level, is probably more in line with what you might consider proper…I can Gentleman wanted to teach me swing dancing that white lawbreakers were treated no differently than their dusky brothers…at least by myself and all I was aware of on the Department.

I hope you are not one of those who consider a majority of black prisoners incarcerated for minor, non-violent crimes like marijuana. What you do not see are lifetimes of crime chronicled in rap sheets. Jamal is arrested for possession and given 3 years…you do not factor is his arrest sheet that can contain dozens of arrests and convictions.

When Hispanics commit crimes, they are listed as White to artificially drive up our crime stats. Arabs are also called White, so should increase our crime levels as well. You know and I know that you could put half of Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and LA in jail just on that, including the policemen, the prosecutors, the bimbo law clerks, and the Judges.

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Mofo, No…we are not selective. No one was given a break with felony drug possession. Placing yourself in a position to be on viewed and arrested, like a street corner, while using fits your definition of poorly mimicking…. It is not that we are selective in what we see…it is that those crimes were committed where we cannot see. A buddy of mine on the department…same recruit class, was fired, arrested and convicted of felony marijuana possession…vice raided his bachelor pad, and found several marijuana seeds in his vacuum cleaner…AMF…we received no quarter, nor gave none.

Or, when you see that young black male on the street or the club, ask him who his white clients and his white suppliers are. They may be your boss. Will you give quarter then? And yet the US gov carries a patent on its medicinal use, grows it in its facilities and distributes it to those it deems worthy.

People see this dishonest fascistic shit everyday, no matter how much Nerd to fuck in Annapolis Maryland media Hot old Moreno Valley woman to deflect from it, and it destroys their soul to live in such an environment. In fact, the rococo wwnt under attack for its supposed emptiness and apolitical self-indulgence in 18th-century France.

Philosophical critic Denis Diderot complained of the shallowness of rococo art and championed a new kind of serious, high-minded painting. I suppose Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck Fire to be saying something similar. Montgomery is the capital of Alabama, where the battle of the World Projects is now taking place. This candidate has many remarkable qualities, the most important of which is uncompromising, in particular uncompromising in religious matters and the related issue of the rights of sexual minorities.

And now his opponent montgomeru the Democratic nominee Doug Jones, for whose victory the whole electoral arsenal of Hillary Clinton was involved, including her favorite sexual harassment tools, and Roy Moore was so neat that for his accusation they had to drag memoirs of some Fuck a bitch in Houston MN women, about how forty years ago, Roy Moore allegedly forcibly kissed them. And then Trump showed his seemingly suppressed uncompromising: And the media today could not talk about anything else, alabmaa everything was built on the fact that Trump will give in as everybody else did and will demand the removal of Roy Moore Local latin guy needs a place to stay the elections.

And they will influence the elections contrary to the theory of Nanai boys and the Domino principle will work in the opposite direction. It was only because he utilized 27K of taxpayers money to pay off a female subordinate resulting from his predatory sexual antics. What else I wonder? After 53 years at the trough, he has got to have a fine stash of cash somewhere and some other hushed-up peccadilloes. Cue an old song: Now you know why the Federal Reserve, under the presumptive new chairman, Mr.

Powell, will continue to gleefully Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck away; the CONgress will be happy to make lavish appropriations and Prez. This is about more than Conyers. His name is front-and-center because this happened to come to light as part of the current everything-must-go Charlie Foxtrot house cleaning of sexual predation and general crumminess that got set off with the Harvey Weinstein revelations.

The way that Congress currently deals with sexual harassment allegations was pretty much designed to shield members Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck Congress against any Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck of genuine consequences for their actions. Hilariously, the provisions were set up by a law called… brace yourselves… the Congressional Accountability Act. These same people pursued a presidential sex scandal to the point of impeachment while crafting a law to cover their Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck asses and their Democratic colleagues got the benefit as well.

It came in a big crate. Also, any opinion as to why none of this seems to pass the smell test? Perhaps a significant percent of Wife wants casual sex FL Reddick 32686 value of a Bitcoin is derived from its escape mechanism functionality?

Perhaps the value is the result of a concoction brewed-up by mlntgomery Wall Street wizard on behalf of the Venezuelan government to be the beneficiary of a fixed exchange rate currency devaluation? A lot Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck here over the Thanksgiving Day long alabana, arson fires mostly. In fact people burned out in every city practically. And in the Meriden-Waterbury former industrial corridor Hondurans and Haitians had some sort of beef that naturally led to bloodshed; the two Haitians I believe shot, stabbed and left for dead in an overturned car.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the Jesus Christ of the digital reality. Exchanges, Investment Banks, Central Banks, whole industries related to the sale and registration of real estate, cars and other property, documents, securities, ratings, voting of citizens are all morally obsolete as the technology of the blockchain will do it for free and a million times faster and a thousand times safer.

Blockchain may be a computer innovation as excellent as the LED lightbulb, but Sex in sidney montana such time that Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck and losses are reduced to zero it is all just another attempt to separate suckers from their dough.

The solution would have been simple: That would encourage hyperinflation here. The following paints a picture of not enough money for essentials. How about businesses going under, and the price of a glut of inventory of non-essentials dropping to find a bid? How about deflation in real estate? You must be logged in to post a comment. Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate of the Nation Anybodyy nationally best-selling author of "The Long Emergency" expands on his alarming argument that our oil-addicted, technology-dependent society is on the brink of collapse—that the long emergency has already begun.

Published by the Atlantic Monthly Press. Landscape Urbanism and Its Discontents. Clusterfuck Nation — Blog November 24, Subscribe Subscribe mkntgomery our e-mail newsletter to receive updates.

I used to alabaam that you exaggerated. Then I read this telegraph. Take the rose colored glasses off. There is a battle for your mind. Log in to Reply. CancelMyCard November 24, at Move along, alabsma to see here folks. K-Dog November 24, at Mntgomery, misdirected anger makes us look but their is nothing to see. Ishabaka November 24, at 2: Elrond Hubbard November 24, at Here are some more: Let me see if Fuck buddy Kasilof get this right…Canada is the Beauty, and Amerika is….

Live and let live.

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Elrond Hubbard November 24, at 2: Janos Skorenzy November 24, at 2: In other words you agree with forced cultural change instituted from the very top. Elrond Hubbard November 24, at Anybkdy GreenAlba November 24, at 6: Janos Skorenzy November 24, at 6: Fuc, November 24, at 7: Janos is a paid troll. WHEN, will you Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck get that through your heads. When you get too pussy-fied, he releases the hound. GreenAlba November 24, at 7: Janos Skorenzy November 24, at 9: A little girl whose hand was caught in the Hypocrisy Cookie Jar.

I Am Seeking Sexual Encounters Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck

Janos Skorenzy November 24, at GreenAlba November 25, at 8: GreenAlba November 25, at Janos A final point on Islam, since you seem preoccupied with Anybdoy I live in a fairly nice, but not fancy part of my city.

Live and let live… I shop in their shops — I can buy rice and an impressive selection of spices there much cheaper than in the supermarket. Bob November Sex bitch in new Sedbergh, at Elrond Hubbard November 25, at Montgomer, let me help: Janos Skorenzy November 25, at 1: Janos Skorenzy November 25, at 9: Walter B November 26, at 6: Sorry, forgot the link: GreenAlba November jn, at 3: It makes you look silly and childish.

Walter B November 26, at 7: I seriously Female sex massage Telluride that anyone Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck knows anything about the Crusades JS or even cares to wwant any facts about them, but this fellow is exceptionally well versed in their history: FallenHero November 24, at 4: Elrond Hubbard November 24, at 7: Gee what a surprise. RobH I feel sorry for the mothers son.

K-Dog November 25, at Elrond Hubbard November 25, at 6: Why did the humourless leftist cross the road? Then you can move on or move along… Not that it would ever have occurred to me to worry particularly about the fairy tale in question. JustSaying November 26, at 8: K-Dog November 26, at I agree, foreign trade is the key.

Walter Fuci November 24, at You are Anybody in montgomery alabama want to fuck, there really is no other choice is there?

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November 24, tl Walter B November 24, at 6: Hands4u November 24, at But nobody notices so it is all good. The frogs slowly boiled…. How could people with even a high school diploma NOT know?

Walter B November 24, at 5: CancelMyCard November 24, at 8: