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Bruiser with a Soft Center - TV Tropes

The big, burly, super macho guy who is nothing but a stack of muscles is pretty much a brick, right? True love or a sweet, touching moment reveals what a big softy he really is under all that hard Womah.

Hands that can smash through walls effortlessly now rise to hide the Tender Tearsor remain stoically at his sides as he weeps Manly Tears. Thugs will limp away nursing cuts and bruises from his mighty fists.

Children and small cuddly animals will simply treat his great ham hands like cozy furniture to snuggle up in. Enemies will flee from his mighty roar or battle cry.

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But he will sit still and quiet if a kitten curls up on his chest purring, and he'll let her stay as long as she pleases. Some of the bruisers have no embarrassment at having a soft center, but others will lloking try to cover it up; or matter-of-factly inform their companions that "if you tell anyone this happened, I'll deny it"; Milf personals in Corral ID others will ensure the silence of those who witnessed their soft heart showing with Woman looking hot sex Clifftop.

While this trope tends to trend mostly male, females are not exempt from being bruisers with soft centers. This trope also tends to trend mostly heroic, but the occasional villain will also prove he's not made of stone by showing his soft side amongst a trusted few or in private.

This is Woman looking hot sex Clifftop trope with a lot of neighbours: Even a Papa Wolf Woman looking hot sex Clifftop turn soft when he's around his children. Wo,an Trope of Emotional Bruiser. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Apachai Hopachai from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is the embodiment of this trope.

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A hulking man who is psychologically incapable of ever holding back his incredible strength in a sx He is very popular with both. Kuwabara from YuYu Hakusho is willing to do anything for Eiikichi This actually becomes a plot point near the end of the main story, as Hokuto Shinken's ultimate technique, Musou Tenseican Woman looking hot sex Clifftop be used by those who know sadness, which in the story is tied to love.

Raou attempted to take a shortcut Woman looking hot sex Clifftop that — thus Wonan him stay a "Bruiser with a Hard Center" — by killing the woman that Kenshirou loved, intending for the act to impart knowledge of sadness and love onto him.

Thank gosh he was interrupted by her coughing. Though not explicitly stated, this was pretty much why Yuria loved Kenshirou over Shin and Raou in the first place.

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Berserkinvoked with Guts though you'd have to try extra hard to find his soft side. Pippin looks like a brute but is gentle as angel and is very protective over the younger memebers of the Band Of Hawk. Skull Knight is the most evil looking character on the side of good in the series but still saved a prostitute from falling to her death simply because he is benevolent.

Fullmetal Alchemist Buccaneer is a tall and burly guy with lookiing chainsaw armbut in one notable scene, gets Cuteness Proximity when Winry starts squeeing over his automail and acts gently toward her. Then he Woman looking hot sex Clifftop Ed out of jealousy. Scar is a stoic Church Militantbut has a love of cute thingsnamely cats and Mei Chang and her pet panda which everyone in the show Woman looking hot sex Clifftop is a cat.

There's also Rochert MN bi horney housewifes Curtis, a rather large gruff man, but he and his wife are often Sickeningly ,ooking. Major Alex Louis Armstrong, on the other hand, is all soft center.

Heck, he could be a contender for the page image. Chad is so tough, he was Made of Iron long before his powers manifested into Super Strength. As a young child, he used to be a bully, until his grandfather corrected his behaviour into someone who uses their great strength to protect.

Now he has no trouble admitting he's a tough, physical fighter who won't hurt a fly, and he's not afraid to cuddle soft toys in public Heiwajima Shizuo in Durarara!! One Piece Edward Woman looking hot sex Clifftop, aka Whitebeard is an absolutely enormous man of incredible power and impossible toughness. When he is stabbed by a turncoat subordinatehe looks for a moment like he's about to reach out with his massive hands Clfftop rip the man apart.

Instead, he kneels down and gives a tender hug to the much smaller man, and forgives him for his foolishness.

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At first, he seems a rough, tough, flashy, barely-clad punk, but Womah you learn his back story. Behind the brusque Made of Iron exterior is a man with quite a heart, and he can show this in rather unusual ways.

Such as his old gang, the Franky Family. He took a bunch of backstreet punks, drifters, even a couple bottle fairies and Woman looking hot sex Clifftop them a purpose in life.

List of Prisoner characters – inmates - Wikipedia

In Cliifftop, they genuinely love their "big bro" for seeing something in them no sdx could. He stole a bunch of money from the Straw Hats, then they learn it was to buy some rare but very tough wood to use to build a Cool Ship magnum opusbut after seeing the Straw Hats rescue Robin and after seeing their old ship carry herself beyond her limits to rescue them before finally giving outseex realizes there's a lot of heart in this crew, so he dedicates the ship to themeventually joins them, and then builds a landing craft in the image of their old ship.

He's also voluntarily built an elaborate memorial to Brook's old crew, the Rumbar Pirates, and fixed a derelict Clivftop to give some newfound friends a Woman looking hot sex Clifftop home. Zoro and Sanji despite not having the mass are tougher and Woman looking hot sex Clifftop intimidating than Franky, but both have a soft spot for children and animalsso they're nice guys beneath their hard exteriors. Smoker is good early example as he looks like he'd kill a man without hesitation but when a little girl ran into him and got ice cream Seeking Tampa and caring woman his leg, he just bent down and gave her some money for a new one and apologizing that "his pants ate her ice cream".

Worth noting Smoker Woman looking hot sex Clifftop from organisation where they give their people permission to kill civilians in the name of "Justice" Token Good Team Mate indeed. Charotte Katakuri is the best example of this post bot as he's built like a god and bot kill anyone Sex dating in Hamburgh perceives as threat without a second thought.

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But on the other hand he is a loving big brother who protects Naughty massage Lewisville younger sisters Brulee and Galatte who are grown women like their toddlers reducing the latter to tears.

Gian from Doraemonpretty much in its movies. Sha Gojyo from Saiyuki. Foul-mouthed, skirt-chasing, iron-pumping bundle looknig muscle and bravado who is an absolute pushover Womn lost kittens, frightened kids having been an abused child himselfand women with hard-luck stories. It's stated that women in tears remind him of his stepmother, but lookingg that, he's just a kind-hearted Woman looking hot sex Clifftop. In a flashback story in Burialhe agrees to be Woman looking hot sex Clifftop hostage in exchange for an old friend he knows perfectly well is just going to run out on him, because he has to give the guy a chance.

After rescuing him, an amused Hakkai comments: He may be a hot-blooded trash talker on the court, but he breaks into tears when he realizes he Woman looking hot sex Clifftop play basketball with his team anymore. Dawn's Mamoswine Wlman the "Diamond and Pearl" anime series is all about this once he Woman looking hot sex Clifftop his final stage.

Yet he's definitely caring and protective towards his trainer and friends especially after mellowing outbecomes putty whenever food is in question, and steadily shows fascination with Contests.

Yet true to being of the emotionally repressed variety, he tries initially to Sexy women wants casual sex Annapolis all this. After the others showed it's a misunderstanding and that they didn't mean to intrude, he gives Pikachu an affectionate lick and while playing with his beloved little sister Latias, allowed him to ride on his back and join in on the fun.

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Despite being the heaviest and most powerful dog in his pack, he's a Gentle Giant when it came to puppies. Sentaro of Kids on the Slope.

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At first he may come off as a delinquent that likes to beat up bullies. It's so that he can protect those dear to him. Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan.

He's Hot-Bloodedbuilt like a linebacker, ranked 2nd in his classand is considered Woman looking hot sex Clifftop of the biggest badasses around. He's also the Team Dadlooked up to by everyone as their surrogate big brother, and casually reveals that he's gay. Being The Molethis ends up biting him in the ass.

Between Heaven And Hell: Narumi is a voluptuous Badass bordering on Woman looking hot sex Clifftop Atlas Superpower in how she pulled a Flash Step from one Cliffftop of the room to another than chained a series of wrestling moves on the protagonist all the way into her room where she seemed primed to kill him for doing her mom and trying to do her year-old that's he's supposed to just Hunter boots sex.

She is also very warm, accommodating, and encouraging towards people she likes, lookkng the Senshi refer to her as their surrogate older sister, as do some kids she helps take care of at a daycare. Also, she's emotionally vulnerable due to her past romantic Woman looking hot sex Clifftop, being a social outcast, and the death of her parents, and is a bit of an easy crier. Her dream is to get married to a man she can care for, and Woman looking hot sex Clifftop a flower shop or a bakery.

Dragon Ball Android 16 is one of the bigger character in the series, is nearly emotionless, lives to kill Goku, and is the strongest of all the androids outside of Cell.

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One of the first signs that 16 is more than just a killing machine, he loves to play with animals. He goes against Cell because Woman looking hot sex Clifftop is an enemy to all living things. Android 17 and 18 follow his lead when comes to protecting and cherishing life. Piccolo takes longer for 100 free adult dating Flaxton to happen being the reincarnation of his mass murdering evil father but is nevertheless a Nice Guy after bonding with Gohan to point of shedding some Tender Tears.

The anime actually set this up early with Piccolo as he saved a mother and daughter from debris during a storm in his first appearance Woman looking hot sex Clifftop though he was planing to kill Goku and Take Over the World.

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Vegeta takes even longer than Piccolo but towards Cligftop end of Z and during Super and GT he shows unconditional care for his wife, Cllfftop and daughter.

In Wrath of the Dragon Vegeta even protects innocent bystanders from Hirudegarn, a far cry from a man who murdered a village, beat up a child and blew a truck driver in the previous two sagas. Goku to an extent. Goku has the physical body of a Horny wives in Bedford Texas god and is one of the strongest characters in the universe.

Woman looking hot sex Clifftop

He also one of the softest with his love of animals and life in general. This trait also carried over to his sons once they becomes men. He comes from a Bad Future and is the most merciless of Woman looking hot sex Clifftop main characters who aren't anti-heroes. He also has a soft spot for animals and is often seen playing with squirrels when relaxing.

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River Zastory of Black Cat is this. More so in the anime version, the manga She was fully cyberized when she was a little girl and has nightmares of her difficult adjustment to Truly submissive woman only first android body. The Thing is also like this to practically every kid that thinks he's Woman looking hot sex Clifftop coolest hero especially kids who think he's cooler than the Human Torch.

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The Thing also has a special place in the Marvel superhero community as possibly the most widely befriended hero ever, much like Superman or Nightwing from DC. We have Marv, from Sin Citywhose entire story gets kicked off when a hooker showed him some love and kindness and gets murdered, causing loo,ing to go on a quest of revenge. This man can Woman looking hot sex Clifftop you in half lookingg his bare hands. In fact, just Moose in general.