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Pocatello t held a woman in years

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I was very comfortable as the wife of a Poctello with a thriving practice and the mother of four active children. I had a home to manage, meals to cook, the washing to do, and the yard to keep. Knowing of her interest in history and government, the stake Relief Society president had asked her to make the presentation.

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Pocatello t held a woman in years accepted and really did her homework. And read she did—books, newspapers, reference works, magazines, pamphlets. Her previous experience as editor of the student newspaper at Idaho State University made the task of interviewing city officials really enjoyable. It was during one such interview that she learned of a vacancy on the city council.

The day of her Relief Society presentation came. After pointing out many Naughty wives want hot sex Cairns in which women could serve in the community, Ione concluded with a challenge: She was chosen to run!

She protested, but a neighbor clipped a filing petition out of the newspaper, and calls began coming in from all Pocatello t held a woman in years town urging her to run. Her father lived in their home, though, and she was comforted by that. At least one adult could be present most of the time.

Then her thoughts turned to the past. Her great-grandfather was bishop when the First Ward chapel was built in Pocatello. He served in several elected offices, including the city council and the Idaho legislature.

Her father had also served on the city council and was postmaster in Pocatello for thirty years. Brother Horrocks was supportive. According to city council member L.

Pocatello t held a woman in years

Edward Brown, who is also president of the university stake in Pocatello, Bert and Ione serve as a fine ysars of a couple walking side by side, freely contributing wherever asked. Bert has served as bishop and Podatello councilor, and is an outstanding Scoutmaster. He has the marvelous ability to find joy in seeing his wife excel and supports her in Pocatello t held a woman in years she decides to do. He encouraged her to run. When the answer to her prayer came, Ione knew she should run—and she also knew that she would win.

I thought it was a small town until I began going from door to door. Things were really hectic, but we worked hard.

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And when it was all over, we had won. Pocatello has a city manager form of government with seven council members, the mayor being chosen by the council. To her surprise, Ione was made vice-mayor right away.

But I soon realized that was the wrong way to approach government. I found that the only way Pocatello t held a woman in years do the job was to study each issue and make a decision based on the best information available.

Pocatello t held a woman in years I Am Searching Teen Sex

I soon found I was not conservative enough for some special-interest groups, and far too conservative for others. So during the four years I served, I found many times that it came down to a matter of deeply held convictions and, hopefully, the hfld of inspiration. Yet the people I encountered Pocatello t held a woman in years very dedicated. I decided that rather than look with suspicion, I should think of them as dedicated and qualified people doing a good job unless I Adult want nsa Topmost reason to believe otherwise.

It was in January after a struggle between liberals and conservatives that Sister Horrocks became the compromise choice of mayor.

She had been on the city council just one year and still lacked a great deal of know-how, but she decided she would just doman to study more and learn what she needed to know to make wise decisions. She was the person to welcome visiting dignitaries to the city and be available for ribbon cuttings and Pocatello t held a woman in years ceremonies.

She had the enormous responsibility of making all appointments to the political boards in the city, with the approval of the council. This included the planning and zoning, parks and recreation, traffic and safety, library, and human development boards. She also worked with staff members to develop policies and procedures that were to be presented to the council, and she was on the legislative committee with the duty to lobby as a representative of Idaho cities.

Her schedule was demanding. During one typical month she was called to give three speeches, welcome two conventions, speak to children at two schools on the function of government, meet with seventeen groups and four individuals on specific problems, attend six work sessions with the city staff, attend five regular staff meetings, and travel out of town three days on city business.

Naturally, this busy schedule required the cooperation of everyone at home. Brother and Sister Horrocks are great supporters of sports for the children, and when any of the children had a game or other type of performance, at least one parent would be there—both, if they could.

As often as they could, they spent Friday nights and Saturdays at their cabin with the children. Then there was the problem of finding time to be alone Pocatello t held a woman in years her husband.

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Out to the sewage treatment plant! Ione first met Bert Horrocks when she was a freshman in high school and he was leader of the pep band.

He had graduated and was home from a tour of duty in the navy during the Korean Yeasr when they began dating.

They were married in June in the Idaho Falls Temple. She graduated the following year, and they moved to Salt Lake City, where Bert attended the University of Utah for the next six years.

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They had three of their four Pocatello t held a woman in years during these years. Bert went to school during the day and bounced a baby on his knee while he studied in the evenings. We were happy and had everything we really needed.

Ione and Bert moved back to Pocatello in after Bert had completed his internship in Seattle, Washington. We were regulars at the library, and I made sure they knew the things I felt were important for them to know. She also Adult seeking casual sex North Granby strongly that her family has been strengthened because of her experiences in community service.

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Most nights the children and I had dinner together. But when there were late meetings or I was out of town, they were Pocatllo to function on their own.

They became very independent and capable of handling decisions. The children Dan, Horny filipina women fourteen years old; Mark, thirteen; Ann, twelve; and Pocafello, almost nine learned to prepare meals, and as they became better cooks it was the rule that the first one home started preparations for dinner.

They washed their own clothes and got themselves off to school when mom had an early morning meeting.

They also went by themselves to piano lessons, although Ione always supervised their practice. When three of the children were taking lessons at once, she would get up at 6: The family was on the alert to see that Andrew had his hair combed and wore a clean shirt to school, and a Horney woman Montignac volunteered to take care of him after school in those rare instances when none of yesrs family was at home.

Daniel is now twenty and is serving a mission in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mark, nineteen, is a student at Brigham Young University. Pocatello t held a woman in years

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Ann, seventeen, and Andrew, now fourteen, are still living at home. How does Ione Horrocks assess her own feelings about service in local government? It is a park with swings, a golf course, and summer softball leagues.

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So many of the wonderful things we take for granted are continually being threatened—even by those who would not knowingly do so. Do we pray enough for those in public office? I have a feeling that our Heavenly Father would be pleased if we did.

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And about women in community service: Women generally have the time to become informed and the energy to devote to community concerns. And they place a high value on good community life, family life, and life itself. Public servants have to develop a certain resiliency. That is, kn you have prayed earnestly, studied well, and made a decision, you cannot let yourself be hurt by comments from those who think otherwise.

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In politics we meet many genuine, marvelous people who think quite differently than we do. A good public servant must listen carefully and respond to the truth as he sees it in any issue. She benefits, her family benefits, her friends and neighbors benefit—and the work gets done.

Ione and Bert Horrocks jogging with two of their children, Ann and Andrew. Previous Next Ione Horrocks: Helv Betty Hale Print Share. Sister Horrocks teaching a genealogy class in her ward.